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Mobile Internet Usage Overtakes Desktop
By Abbie Drew
Jul 9, 2015, 13:40

Mobile Internet Usage has taken over!

New stats from comScore show in the last 4 years Smartphone usage
is up 394% and tablet usage is up an amazing 1,721%. These mobile
platforms combine to account for 60% of time spent online with
digital media.

Interestingly, while mobile usage is greater than desktop usage,
comScore reports that there is no evidence that desktop use has
actually declined. Desktop usage has also increased in the last
few years.

What has happened is that users' total time spent on the Internet
has in fact doubled in the past three years. People are spending
more and more time online.

Where is the most mobile usage time spent?


About 85 percent of mobile online time involves an App.

The Top 7 apps are as follows:

* Facebook (113 million in a month)
* YouTube (84 million in a month)
* Google Search (78 million in a month)
* Facebook Messenger (70 million in a month)
* Pandora Radio (68 million in a month)
* Google Maps (60 million in a month)
* Gmail (60 million in a month)

With the growth in Mobile Internet usage, study after study
shows email is also being viewed on mobile platforms more
than any other client. Adestra reports:

- 45% of email opens occur on mobile
- 36% of email opens occur on desktop
- 19% of email opens occur in a webmail client

Make sure your online marketing plan is ready for a mobile
audience. You need to be sure your business can be easily
seen when mobile users are accessing the Internet with their
favorite Apps.

Have in place the following:

1) Facebook Presence
2) YouTube Videos
3) Mobile Web Site for Google
4) Google Local Registration for Google Maps
5) Mobile Friendly Emails
6) Your Business' App for your customers


With Mobile Internet Usage on the rise, now more than ever is
the time to increase your businesses mobile presence.

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