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Abbie's Column : Email Marketing

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7 Habits of Highly Effective Email Marketers

By Abbie Drew
Nov 11, 2015

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You want higher conversion with your email marketing, right.
Taking the "7 Habits" theme from Stephen Covey, let's review
"7 Habits" that improve your email marketing results.

1) Welcome New Subscribers

When an individual signs up for your email list, your marketing
must immediately engage that new subscribers with a welcome
email. BlueHornet reports that 74.4% consumers expect a
welcome email when they subscribe.

Additionally, your new email subscribers will spend more
when you email them welcome messages. A 180-day study by
Return Path on 100 retailers welcome email marketing
practices found that engaged subscribers who read your
welcome emails spend twice as much money.

Epsilon further confirms the need to send welcome emails.
Their study reports that triggered emails, like Welcome emails,
have open rates 76.7% higher
than regular campaign email

2) Write Outstanding Subject Line

You have go to get the attention of your subscribers. Your email
may no longer be in a primary box so for users who quickly scan
their other mail folders, you need your subject line to jump out.

Avoid generic subjects:

e.g. DEMC E-Magazine - November 7, 2015

Avoid vague subject lines:

e.g. Email Marketing Newsletters

Your subject lines needs to be informative and enticing.

Be sure your subject line states what is inside the email
newsletter. Then you can add the sizzle to your subject line
with this cool free tool:

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

3) Create Email List Segments

The Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report noted 39% of marketers
who segmented their email lists experienced higher
open rates, 28% experienced lower unsubscribe rates and
24% experienced greater revenue.

When you segment your list you can send more relevant and
interesting content to your subscribers. Consider these list
segment options:

- Subscriber Open and Click Behavior
- Subscriber Data Collected from Sign-Up and Surveys
- Subscriber Geo-Location Data
- Subscriber Purchases / Downloads
- Subscriber Social Influence (Court those who refer you to others)
- Subscriber Prospect vs. Customers

4) Run A/B Split Tests Regularly

Make A/B split testing part of your email marketing routine.

74% of email marketers who test regularly report a "good" or
"excellent" return on investment,
while that number is just
37% for those who don't test.

A/B testing is a method of testing where you send two versions
of your message to two test groups from your subscriber
list and track which version gets better results.

What are the best email marketing tests you can run?

* Subject Line
* Call to Action
* Sending Day
* Sending Time
* Text vs. Image
* Video Inclusion
* Personalization

A key point to remember when you run a test is to test only
one element at a time. For instance if you test your subject
line, keep all other parts of the email the same and just
adjust the subject line.

5) Track and Analyze Results Continuously

Marketers who check their metrics three times per week
are over 20% more likely to achieve a positive ROI

The most important metric to track is . . . the number of
transactions / engagements. Do the emails you send increase
the number of sales you make?

Follow your metrics through to the end of the purchase process.
Higher open and click rates do not help if you're not
increasing your ROI. Make sure your emails improves your sales.

6) Send Mobile Optimized Emails

comScore reports that Mobile Internet usage has overtaken
desktop usage. In addition, MarketingSherpa's recent chart
shows that mobile email opens are at 50.12% while desktop
opens are at 32.97%.

Additionally, more sales conversions are also occurring
on mobile devices. Movable Ink reports that almost half of
people, 49.3% make purchases on smartphones
, while 36.6% of
people make purchases on a desktop.

Your emails have to look good on a Mobile device.

7) Email valuable and informative content weekly.

The purpose of email marketing is to develop a relationship
with your subscribers that positions you as a trusted expert.

Interesting, educational messages are appreciated by your
subscribers and show your knowledge in your field.
Regularly sending content rich messages solidifies your
expertise and people come to trust you and your opinions.

People buy from people they trust.

Yes, you can send promotional ads to your subscribers. But
make sure your email subscribers regularly receive quality
content as well.

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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