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Abbie's Column : Email Marketing

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Simple Secrets to Viral Emails

By Abbie Drew
Aug 31, 2015

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I'll make a bet with you right now, that your email inbox has
a viral email message where the subject line starts out - Fwd:

Why can I be so certain?

Because people love to talk and share. Sharing is the reason
social media is hugely popular online. Email is the original
viral sharing tool of the Internet and of course my favorite.

I am not alone in my preference to use email for sharing.

According to SocialTwist's The Connected Consumer report,
people prefer to use email to refer information to others.
Their study found email is also a more effective sharing
as more new visitors were reached through email
referrals than through both Facebook and Twitter combined.

If you would like your emails to be shared and forwarded
along by your subscribers, there are secrets behind it,
that are easier than you think.

Litmus studied the email forwards generated by more than
400,000 commercial email sent between January 2013 and
March 2015. Their Viral Email Report revealed what type
of content causes email forwarding.

6 Simple Secrets to Viral Emails

1. Target Your Audience

Emails that deliver specific information to a niche group
are 90% more viral than general messages.

* Segment your list into smaller audiences. Use demographics,
geographics or topics to break up your larger list. Send
valuable information that is relevant to each niche group.

* Create triggered autoresponder messages with specific
content that your subscribers can access on demand. Highly
informative messages with detailed information will be

2. Host Events

Emails about webinars, seminars and events that require
registration or an RSVP are regularly forwarded. As events
have a deadline, people forward details about the event to
others so they'll join them at the event.

Litmus found emails about events were the number one
type of email content that goes viral. Event content emails
were the most common topic in the top 1% of viral emails.

3. Run Exceptional Promotions

Your subscribers will forward on email promotions that contain
really outstanding deals. Put into your marketing plans the
occasional amazing offer.

Create a special email template for these truly exceptional
promotions to highlight them to your subscribers. Your
subscribers will then help you make the email deal go viral.

4. Make Announcements: What's New and What's Free

Yes, people like to share the latest and greatest happenings
so give them the opportunity. Send out email announcements

* New products
* New services
* Store openings
* Free trials
* Free products

5. Get Behind a Cause

People feel good supporting charity and fundraising efforts.
Select a cause you believe in and regularly donate some of
your proceeds.

Use email to encourage your subscribers to become involved in
your fundraising efforts. Many of your subscribers will join
you and forward on your messages.

6. Ask

Include in your emails a request to share the email with others.
You can ask subscribers to forward on the email or make a request
that they share the message with their networks.

Litmus reports:

"Emails in the top 1% of viral emails were 13 times more likely
than the typical email to include a prominent "share with your
network" call-to-action.


As you design your next email campaign, keep in mind your
subscribers want to share interesting and valuable information.

Give them something to talk about! Create emails worthy of being
forwarded and watch your messages go viral.

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