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Abbie's Column : Internet Marketing

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Top 5 Secrets To Great Content

By Abbie Drew
Jan 24, 2014

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One of the questions I'm regularly asked by our SendFree
members is what content to put into their autoresponder
messages and ezine publications.

The most effective content for an autoresponder and/or an
ezine is targeted informative content. To just send sales offer
after sales offer to individuals who subscribe to your list
doesn't work.

The key to successfully selling to your list is to deliver quality
information. When you send interesting content, those who
receive your emails will actually read them. Once you have
readers of your emails, then you can introduce sales offers
along with your content.

So the question becomes how do you develop good content?

Today, I'll give you my top 5 secret strategies for developing
content. You can use these techniques to create articles for
your ezine, ecourse, ebook, or autoresponder series. The key is
to make sure that you use these techniques to develop content
focused to your audience's interest.

As DEMC focuses on marketing, with an emphasis on email
marketing, the articles I send out focus on this subject matter.
If you're selling travel services, the content you develop
should be related to travel. That makes sense, doesn't it!

My Secrets To Great Content

1) Lists

David Letterman includes a top 10 list in every show for a
reason. People love lists. They're quick to review and they
provide lots of good information (or at least amusement).

* Top 10
* Best 8
* 5 Secrets

Your list can contain any number of items on it. Lists are
easy and fun to create. Write them down, record them on
video or even put them to song.

Include in your list tips or resources or products or even
jokes that would be beneficial to your audience.

2) Current Industry Events and News

Share information that you learn in studies, news articles and
press releases related to your field.

One of my favorite content strategies is to quote statistics
from recent studies about Internet and email marketing.

In fact, I just read some interesting information about 2013's
Cyber Monday that emphasized the continuing effectiveness
of email marketing.

Cyber Monday this past holiday season had the most sales
ever, with 70 million people spending over $10 billion. It was
an 18% increase over the previous year's Cyber Monday sales.

Where did the sales come from?

According to Custora:

26% Organic search (People found the site through a search engine.)
25% Direct visit to a known site (People entered the URL directly.)
17% Email marketing

In next to last place was social media which generated only
2% of sales. (Ouch! Lots of effort but so far not much reward.)

To keep up with current events and news subscribe and read
trade publication blogs which focus on your industry's issues.
You'll be surprised at how easily the interesting content jumps
out at you for you to write about.

3) How To

You are your own best source of information. Use your own
knowledge base. Share how you do something or how
to use your own product or service or how you use other
products or services.

Educational tutorials or demonstrations are easy to write up
or make a video about. And people read and watch how to
information as they're looking to learn it.

The article you're reading right here, is a perfect example of
an article based on personal know-how. As I've been creating
content for DEMC for years, I can share that information.

Rainbow Loom Millionaire's Success is From "How To"

A recent phenomena of the success of "How To" info is the
rubber band bracelet craze. Cheong Choon invented the
Rainbow Loom in 2010 to make rubber band jewelery. He
did not sell the toy until he created and posted on the web
instructional how to videos using the toy that featured his
daughters and niece making jewelry with it.

The "How To" videos worked. The result has been the
Rainbow Loom selling like mad and being named one of the
three most popular toys of 2013 by Cyber Monday Award.

How to content is not only interesting, it also does a great job
helping you develop rapport with your readers. You're sharing
something of yourself with your list members and as a result
they know you better and trust you more.

Building this type of credibility helps you sell more.

4) Question and Answer

Encouraging your subscribers, blog readers and social media
followers to ask you questions is an invaluable tool.

When you receive a question, you have just received free
market research information. The question tells you what your
target audience is interested in learning more about. You can
rest assured if one subscriber is interested enough to ask, many
others who didn't contact you are interested as well.

You can respond to the question and be confident that the
content you are producing will be read or watched with
interest by your subscribers.

This strategy is simple and it really does work!

5) Interviews

Interviews are a terrific source of content. Reach out to
professionals in your field and ask them for their input.
When I've include interviews of online marketers in DEMC,
subscribers have written in to thank me for the information.

You can encourage individuals to participate in the interview
by offering exposure to your audience. It is a win-win situation.

You as the publisher receive good content from the interviews
answers. The interviewee gains excellent exposure to your list
member. When you ask the interviewee to share his/her
insight on a subject matter, you position that interviewee as
an expert on the subject. The interviewee is then in a perfect
situation to sell his/her own products/services to your readers.

You can leverage the interview even one step further. Ask
the individual you interview to share the interview with their
own audience.
Simply request the interviewee, include a link
to you as the interviewer when they promote the interview to
their subscribers. You then gain reciprocal exposure too!

You might say that getting interviews is not easy if you do not
have a big subscriber list. Yes, this fact will make the process
more challenging.

A good trick to getting an interview is to do it over the phone.
If you can call an interviewee and get 5 minutes of their time
on the phone you can acquire a wealth of information to put into
an article. You also do not need to interview big names. Look for
less well known individuals in your field who are looking to
build up their name recognition. They will be more likely to
grant you the interview.


Use these five ideas to start building content for your
autoresponder messages and ezine publications.

Next week, I will review 5 additional strategies you can use to
create information rich emails your prospects can't wait to read!

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