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                 ** DEMC ** Volume X No. 5 **
        The Truth About Legitimate Email Marketing!
          Serving the Internet Since November 1995

Quote for today:

"Only those who dare, truly live."
                             - Ruth P. Freedman

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What's In This Issue - Features

1) Editor's Note: "Who Else Wants Search Engine Traffic"
2) Marketing Insights: "What is RSS and What Content You Can Publish Using It"
3) Feature Article: "Five Ways to Cut Ad Costs"
4) SOHO Help Desk: "3 Powerful List Building Tips"
5) DEMC's - Advertising Information



Editor's Note:

"Who Else Wants Search Engine Traffic"

New findings have recently been released on Search Engine usage worthy of consideration.

The first studies of interest were conducted by Nielsen//NetRatings. They found, that the majority of searchers use more than one engine. Google was the leader in search volume, with 47% of individuals using it to do searches. However, 58% of the individuals using Google also used another major search engine, such as Yahoo! or MSN. Similarly if a searcher started at Yahoo! or MSN, over 70% then searched with another engine as well.

Further research by Nielsen//NetRatings revealed that for advertisers, search engines with bigger audiences are not always better. They found that smaller engines can be just as successful, if not more successful in generating click throughs from their searchers. For instance, while AltaVista ranked 15th in terms of audience size, it came in third in terms of number of click throughs per searcher.

For smaller online marketers, these findings can help you direct your efforts. Even if you're unable to achieve top placement in Google, all is not lost. You can focus your search engine marketing on other engines and successfully generate considerable traffic.

So why is Search Engine marketing important?

A recent study commissioned by DoubleClick and conducted by comScore Networks found that search plays a roll in roughly half of all online purchases.

Yes, half of all online purchasers at some point go to a search engine!

You want to make sure your business is listed in the search engines so you can take advantage of this huge marketplace of buyers.

An even more interesting fact from the study was that most searchers use generic keywords to locate products - not brand names. This finding was also true in an earlier study comScore Networks conducted for Overture.

For the small business this is great news. Online buyers are not searching for big brand names they're searching for generic keywords that describe products. If your business works on keyword optimization, you can take advantage of this traffic.

The two studies also found that the search process occurs well in advance of the purchase. In most cases, searchers do their research at least two weeks ahead of purchasing.

The Overture study found that only 15 percent of online purchases occurred in the same user session as the search itself. 85% of the sales occurred in a latent (or non-search) session. Additionally, nearly 40 percent of all purchases occurred 5 to 12 weeks after the initial search was conducted.

If you're tracking your search engine marketing results, take careful note of these findings. Very few purchases are made immediately. To know how successful your Search Engine marketing is for your business you need to track visitors for months not weeks.

So how can you take advantage of the search engine traffic without spending a fortune on keyword buying?

I'm glad you asked . . .

You can use RSS! RSS, I've learned is a great inexpensive way to improve your search engine position for your selected keywords!

By setting up an RSS feed on your site and submitting it to all of the relevant RSS search engines and directories you really boost your rankings. Since there's still a shortage of RSS feeds on the market, search engines crave RSS content. Give the search engines what they want and in return you'll be given what you want - higher rankings.

To help us figure out how to set-up RSS feeds and take full advantage of them, DEMC has aquired a new "Featured Writer," Rok Hrastnik. Rok, is an experienced online marketer who has mastered RSS and written the highly informative ebook, "Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS".

To give you a little background on Rok, currently he is serving as the E-commerce Manager at Studio Moderna. Studio Moderna is the leading direct marketing company and network in Central and Eastern Europe, present in 19 European countries. Previously, Rok worked as the Internet Manager at the business daily Finance, the leading business media in Slovenia, turning its internet department in to one of the most profitable in the EU.

Rok co-published the bestselling e-book "The Millionaire Mindset" (by Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa) together with Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale and also published their next e-book, "The Enlightened Salesperson".

Further, Rok has a strong small-business entrepreneurial background, having spent much of his time working with small companies running on shoe-string budgets. He helped one of his clients, Donos d.o.o., increase their revenues by more than 300% only 6 months after implementing his internet marketing strategy.

Rok is a well-known Slovenian author and speaker, having published more than 250 internet marketing articles and spoken at more than 30 marketing events.

He is excited to be contributing to DEMC. You'll find his second article on RSS below in today's Marketing Insights section. His first article can be read online in the DEMC archive at -

Rok would like to invite any DEMC readers with questions about RSS to contact him directly by writing to: .

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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Marketing Insights:

* Exclusive *

"What is RSS and What Content You Can Publish Using It"
By: Rok Hrastnik,

As evident from the first article in the DEMC RSS series last month, RSS is the solution marketers have been waiting for.

It not only gets your content delivered, but also greatly increases your search engine rankings, gets you listed faster, generates heaps of traffic from new traffic sources, helps you get new subscribers more easily, eliminates the fear of spam filters and gets your content published on other web sites.

OK, this is what RSS does, but what is it?

Now, you actually don't need to know what RSS is and still make a profit using it, but the real and most amazing results start coming in only after you really understand RSS and start using it for what's it's best for.


This is the key to understanding RSS and taking best advantage of it: if you can break down your internet content in to separate "stories", you can publish it using RSS.

These "stories" can be anything, from articles, news, sales letters, personal messages to product information, special announcements, etc.

And we really mean "anything".

• MarketingVOX is using RSS to deliver internet marketing news to their readers as it becomes available.

• is using RSS to announce their bestsellers and to help their users keep track of releases they are most interested in.

• Some affiliate managers already communicate with their affiliates using RSS.

• uses RSS to deliver savings coupons and related information.

• Lockergnome uses RSS to provide visitors with the latest downloads and relevant software.

• A few hundred content publishers are using RSS to deliver audio content, such as .mp3 interviews and even "radio" shows.

• allows people to post pictures, videos & text from their mobile phones and then make this content available via RSS feeds.

• Other companies are using RSS to deliver whitepapers and other educational content.

• One company uses RSS as a consulting billing awareness tool. The consultants create activity reports and the RSS feeds from the activity channels carry the billable information to the accounting staff for invoice preparation.

• Many internet publishers are using RSS to deliver their newsletters.

• Deliver content updates for your web site forum.

• Publish living digital catalogues of your products and provide your customers with your latest product releases, broken down by the categories they're interested in, and make it easy for them to order.

• Provide your affiliates and marketing associates with RSS feeds they can promote to their visitors to better promote your products and still make a commission. is already doing it. When are you starting?

• Create RSS autoresponders with scheduled messages, to keep in constant "marketing" contact with your prospects and slowly get them to the point of purchase.

• Provide limited-access content to your customers, employees, team members and even investors, without fearing other unwanted eyes.

And this is still only a part of what you can do with RSS ...


RSS is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences, while eliminating a large part of the external noise and shortcomings of other channels.

In simpler terms, RSS content is delivered in such a way that it doesn't have to go through filters and other barriers before it reaches the end-user.

In even simpler terms: RSS makes the internet come to you, but without spam.

This is because RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds-simple files formatted a certain way.

You don't need to know how to format these files, as there are literary dozens and dozens of tools that will do it for you. It's actually much simpler than doing e-mail marketing.

The RSS file includes some basic information about the RSS feed (such as RSS feed title, logo, description etc.) and the actual content: individual content items, presented in a linear list. Each content item represents an individual story, either published in full-text or as a short description.

If a reader clicks on one of these content items, he is taken to the full-text version of the content item on your web site, generating even more exposure to your online marketing messages.

To get a better idea of this, take a look at how simple RSS feed content might look like when properly viewed (this is taken from the RSS Diary Blog):

Marqui Wasn't Ready for RSS Conversations

Marqui can well be noted as one of the pioneers of relevant, ethic and transparent use of bloggers to publicize a product for a fee. Of course, some will dissagree:) But now that their program is nearing its conclusion, the question needs to be asked: were they ready to flawlessly implement their engenious plan?

RSS Advertising: Interview with Bill Flitter,

We interviewed Bill Flitter of, one of the leading people in the RSS marketing industry, to get all the key information about advertising in RSS feeds.

Just like I explained, a linear list of individual stories, with each of them usually containing a story title, web link and story description.


In order to subscribe to your RSS feeds, the reader needs to either download a special program, called an RSS aggregator, or use a web-based RSS aggregator through one of many web sites providing this service free of charge.

An RSS aggregator is a special computer application that allows end-users to "subscribe" to RSS feeds. After getting his RSS aggregator, the reader needs to proactively subscribe to your RSS feed to view your RSS content.

Every time you update your feed (add new content items to the RSS file), the reader is notified through his RSS aggregator, and the content is immediately available to him. No SPAM filters to get in the way!

Some of the more popular RSS aggregators are,,, Vox Lite and many many others. The best part: all aggregators listed here are all free.

So, if you haven't started using RSS yet, just get an aggregator of your choice and start using it NOW. Only if you become an RSS user first you will be able to publish your content via RSS.

To get you started, download a free PDF report that lists all the different RSS aggregators and provides you with step- by-step instructions (with screenshots) for all of the key steps of using RSS.

Get the report here:


Yes, it's true that RSS is still young, but its usage is growing at astounding speed.

According to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 5% (6 million) Americans online consume news and information through RSS aggregators.

Almost every large internet publisher today (from New York Times Online to ZDnet) offers content via RSS feeds, and at the same time promoting RSS to end-users. This means that there are no thousands and thousands of web sites that are together promoting RSS to end-users.

There's no question, RSS is getting huge, and soon everyone will use it. And of course, those that join the train first are going to benefit the most.

Get started with RSS today! Download a free PDF report that will help you find the right (and free) RSS aggregator for you and will give you step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) for all the key steps of using RSS as an end- user. Get the report here:

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Feature Article:

* Exclusive *

"Five Ways to Cut Ad Costs"
By: Kevin Nunley

Advertising and marketing are two of the most expensive and necessary parts of running a business. Whether you have a service outlet in a strip mall or a web site, getting people through the front door is never cheap.

More than half of business owners say advertising is the most puzzling part of running their business. More than half of all new businesses that don't make it say they simply ran out of advertising budget before the customers started coming in.

So it's vitally important you advertise enough, while making sure you can afford all that advertising for as long as it takes to build your sales (and that can often take many months longer than expected).

Here are five simple ways to make your ad dollars go farther:

1. Stay with a single ad campaign. Pick something that is important to customers, promote it, and stick with your message. Each time your ad runs it builds upon the last time.

Don't listen to your friends, your employees, and that little voice inside your head that says "I'm sick of this same ad." It's just when you think you can't stand to see that ad one more time that prospects are starting to notice it for the first time.

2. Don't waste money on fancy stuff. Make your ad no better than it has to be. There are plenty of designers, copywriters, producers, and ad agencies who will push you to spend more. Make sure it really will make your advertising more effective, and otherwise don't spend extra.

3. Buy small ads regularly. That is better than plowing all your money into one big ad that runs only now and again. Consistency, even when it is small, builds sales.

For years I've put my clients' ads in DEMC. This 'zine has one of the largest subscriber audiences around. Even better, the intense and consistent quality of the content makes sure those many readers are really *reading* the newsletter issue after issue.

For less than 40 bucks an issue, your little ad can be in front of over 150,000 targeted readers. Can you find anything like that anywhere in radio, TV, newspapers, or even online? Not hardly. THAT'S the kind of bang-for-your-buck advertising you need to always be on the lookout for.

4. Target, target, target. Putting your ad in front of 12 people who are known to REALLY want your product or service will always get more sales than blasting your ad to millions who couldn't care less.

Most of us will get more results from an article in a small home business magazine than we will from an ad in Newsweek.

Targeted advertising usually costs more, often a LOT more. But in the end you will get far better response from it.

5. When an ad doesn't work, do your best to find out why. Don't just settle with "it doesn't work, I'm ditching the ad." Often there are other reasons why you aren't getting sales. Timing may be wrong, the ad hasn't appeared enough, or the product needs to be changed. Many times I've seen a perfectly good ad get the boot when something else was clearly causing the lack of response.

Need sales letters, web copy, a press release, or your own ezine article (with your name on it)? Let Kevin Nunley write it for you.
See for details.
Reach Kevin at



~/~ SOHO Help Desk ~\~

"3 Powerful List Building Tips"

Today's SOHO Help Desk provides great viral marketing strategies for building your in house subscriber list.

If you have a valuable tip, promotional idea, question or answers you would like included in an upcoming issue of DEMC, all you have to do is submit it by email to -


The 3 MOST Powerful Forms Of 'Viral Marketing' That Will PUT Your 'In-House' List Building Efforts On... Auto-Pilot!

- (c) Copyright 2005 by Cory Threlfall

(c) The IWE, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it.

"The Money Is In The... LIST!"

I bet you've heard this catch phrase once or twice while surfing around on the Internet.

I know I have.

But, the question that usually arises is... "How do I effectively build one that won't cost me an arm and a leg in the process?"

Well, today's your lucky day because I'm going to highlight 3 of the MOST powerful ways to build your targeted 'In-House List' by using the Power of 'Viral Marketing' as your engine.

And the best part about using these 3 'Viral' methods I'm about to mention are... they cost virtually Nothing to produce, are Highly targeted, give You INSTANT Credibility and are in constant demand by website owners.

So, with that said, let's move on to what these 3 'Viral' methods are and how they will benefit you and your List Building efforts.

1. Writing 'Special Reports'.

- Special Reports work great because they allow you to go into more depth about the Topic or Problem in question where you'll then be able to lead them to how your Product or Service(or Affiliate product) can fix there current problem.

- They give you Instant Credibility, which builds trust in your customer that you are knowlegdable in your industry.

- Website owners are always looking for quality **Free Stuff** to give away or offer to there Visitors and/or Subscribers.

This is where you could CASH-IN, especially if you make your special report 'Brandable'. This gives the website owner even MORE incentive to give your Freebie away if they can make Money in the process.

- And your Contact Information will always be inside, no matter what. Meaning, as your report is being passed around the Internet you'll always be able to lead your potential customer back to your website where they could sign-up for your newsletter and/or read up more about your Products or Services you offer.

2. Putting Together A 'Free eBook'.

- Free eBooks work great as well and have the same benefits as I outlined through the special report.

The only difference using this approach is, you can put together a free ebook in less time then it would take to produce your special report simply because it doesn't even have to be your own material inside, it can be someone else's.

Just make sure you put together a free ebook with quality information inside.

- And they also allow you to target more then one Product or Service inside because free ebooks are usually a compilation of related articles targetting a particular problem leaving you room to diversify.

3. Writing 'Articles'.

- Writing Articles is probably ONE of the Best and Most Effective Ways to produce a wave of Viral traffic to your website because every website owner needs FRESH content to feed to there visitors and/or subscribers.

- They also allow you to Target your audience's problem specifically that they're dealing with.

- And at the end of the article you have a spot called the 'Resource Box' to insert your personal Bio and/or Website information.

Just imagine if your article were to be picked up by some Newsletter Editor with a large list or High Traffic website and they use it as a 'Featured Article' in there publication, you could see an INSTANT Surge of targeted visitors to your website overnight.

That's where your 'Resource Box' comes in.(Take a look at how mine is formatted at the end of this article.)

Well, that about sums it up for the 3 MOST powerful 'Viral Marketing' methods being used today by most Internet marketers, and for good reason, because they work.

Now, with all that said, what do these 3 'Viral' methods all have in common that'll put your List Building efforts on 'Auto-Pilot'?

- They're in HIGH demand by website owners.

- They're HIGHLY Targeted.

- They give You INSTANT Credibility in your industry.

- They have YOUR Contact Details leading to Your website.

...and Most important of all, they're all FREE!

Just think for a minute, by using only ONE of these methods listed above, how it could put your In-House list building efforts on 'Auto-Pilot'.

This article represents just a summarized version of all the different List Building techniques available online, But, in my opinion, these 3 are the most effective.

Want 'Targeted' prospects to swarm your site 24/7? It takes 5 minutes to set-up, it's Automated, 'Viral' and FREE! -- -- Or you can pick up a FREE copy of Cory Threlfall's New special report called, "How To Tap Into The TRUE Power Of The... INTERNET!" at --


Send in your feedback for an upcoming issue. Email your questions, advice and/or thoughts to:

Be sure to include your SIG and contact URL with your post as we'll be sharing any viable ideas/ information in an upcoming issue of DEMC E-Magazine.


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