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                 ** DEMC ** Volume X No. 6 **
        The Truth About Legitimate Email Marketing!
          Serving the Internet Since November 1995

Quote for today:

"The moment of enlightenment is when a person's dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities." - Vic Braden

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A lot of people have died, carrying with them their dreams.

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What's In This Issue - Features

1) Editor's Note: "7 Essentials For Email Marketers"
2) Marketing Insights: "How To Triple Your Affiliate Commissions"
3) Feature Article: "Working "IN" vs. Working "ON" Your Business"
4) SOHO Help Desk: "Discover the Magic Formula To Niche Business"
5) DEMC's - Advertising Information



Editor's Note:

"7 Essentials For Email Marketers"

Today's note, while a bit dis-jointed covers quite a bit. My first 3 points review recent FTC clarification about CAN-Spam. Then I have 4 good email marketing tips you don't want to miss.

The Direct Marketing Association has been working with the FTC to gain clarification on certain aspects of the CAN-Spam Law. The FTC has responded with the following information.

1) Emails which are purely a result of a transaction do not have to follow the requirements imposed on commercial email. Thus when sending bills, receipts or statements of accounts, with no advertisements, the email messages do not have to follow the commercial email guidelines.

2) A subscription newsletter, even if it contains advertising, is considered a transactional message. Therefore it does not need to meet commercial email specifications.

3) Joint permission email marketing promotions, when you buy a Solo Ad to be sent to someone else's list or do a joint venture, according to the FTC have only one "sender". The "sender" is the list owner who has received the recipient's affirmative consent. A "sender" should have acquired consent from the recipients and should have disclosed that 3rd party sellers may contribute advertising content to subsequent messages arriving from that sender.

The "sender" when emailing commercial messages for his own business or when emailing ads of others must follow the commercial email guidelines.

Interestingly, the ad buyer (the list renter or jv partner) is considered by the FTC to be the "initiator" of the commercial email. As an initiator, you have the responsibility to ensure that the emails sent by the third party "sender" to that third party's list meet the CAN-Spam requirements for commercial email.

Thus as the "initiator" you do not have to provide your own unsub mechanism or valid physical postal address, or process and honor the unsub requests. However, you must ensure the "sender" you are working with does do the following to comply with CAN-Spam commercial email requirements.

a. Sends messages with non-deceptive subject lines.

b. Has no falsified header information.

c. Includes a working unsubscribe process that handles request within 10 days.

d. Lists a valid physical postal address in your commercial email message.

g. Labels the commercial message as an advertisement or solicitation.

In addition, to these CAN-Spam clarifications, here are 4 email marketing tips you'll want to use.

4) Respond to emails that inquire about your services.

Okay, this sounds basic, but I'm astonished how often it doesn't happen. Just over the last week I've been contacting companies looking to hire them and only half have responded.

Those that haven't respond, I assume they're not interested in my business and I've moved on.

If you're in business on the Internet, monitor your email and answer the questions that come in. Basic yes ... but essential to making sales.

5) Include offers in your order confirmations and receipts.

Yes, including an ad in these emails will make them commercial email. You'll have to follow the CAN-Spam guidelines, but the added sales you'll make will be well worth it.

6) Send emails to those who abandon your shopping cart.

People abandon shopping carts for a variety reasons, many of which are not because they don't want to buy. I know, I've been in the process of shopping, been distracted and forgotten to complete the purchase.

Sending out a reminder email to encourage these visitors to complete their purchase is well worth your time. You may even want to include a quick survey in these emails to ask why they did not buy.

Following-up with visitors who were involved enough to place items in a cart, is a full proof strategy to increase sales.

7) Develop a dialogue with your email follow-ups.

Keep track of the actions taken by visitors to your site as well as the products purchased by your customers. Send out personalized follow-ups accordingly. Rather than using a standardized follow-up series for all, have customized series based upon individuals action.

Thus a buyer of a product should receive a follow-up series asking how the product has worked out and offering other complimentary products.

Whereas a visitor to your site, who contacted you with a question about a product, you'll want to follow-up with additional details on that specific product.

Your emails effectiveness will increase dramatically with personalized conversation rather than standardized letters.

There you have it, 7 essentials for email marketers. Take note of the new CAN-Spam clarification and adjust your emails as needed so you are in compliance. Plus, put the tips I've outlined into action and you'll be sure to see an increase in sales.

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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Marketing Insights:

* Exclusive *

"How To Write Powerful Product Reviews and Triple Your Affiliate Commissions"
By: Codrut Turcanu

Affiliate Newbies still don't get it. The importance of pre-selling is crucial. Before you can close the sale you must inform & educate your potential buyer, so he can whip out his credit card and purchase from your link.

Bear with me, this article reveals how 'anyone' can write a SOLID product review as an affiliate marketer, get the click, and close the sale faster than a speeding bullet.

Below I share with you how to write a powerful review in 3 easy steps.

The 1st step to writing a powerful review is to ...

Pick a reputable product and affiliate program. Something that you'd be proud to represent and pre-sell as an affiliate. Do not promote something just because it pays BIG commissions - remember, those popular paying affiliate programs have tons of Super Affiliates that you'll have to compete with - this will be a HARD task since you're at the beginning of this venture.

HINT: find all you can about the company that sells the product you're interested to promote, you don't want to promote crappy products or get affiliated with a scam company.

Test the product you want to promote yourself. Learn its good and bad points. Analyze the product from various points of view. Test its capabilities, options and features, all of them.

Play with the product as many times as you want. The more you test it, the better info you'll gather for your review.

The 2nd step to writing a powerful review is to ...

Define and target the market you want to enter before you start to promote a product.

Who are the BEST persons inclined to buy the affiliate product you review?

What are their problems and frustrations?

What type of solutions they want or need?

Can they really afford to pay for the right solution?

The BEST way to analyze your target market fast, free and easily ...

Forum Online Research

Visit online forums & discussion boards.

See what people want (or what they need), what they're currently buying and why they do it.

Save the info you find, it is quite valuable, it'll help you define your BEST prospects, those potential customers who might want to order from you again and again (i.e. buy other products you recommend as an affiliate)

Use Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine to find the BEST forums in your target market.

Here's how to do it ...

Type "the name of your product" + "forum" in the Google /Yahoo search box; what you get within seconds IS a list with links to various forums related to the topic of your affiliate product.

Click on the link that interests you and bookmark each forum in a folder named "FORUMS" for easy access.

The 3rd step to writing a powerful review is to ...

Give an eye-catching title to your review.

e.g. if you review a 'Sony Ericsson K500i' mobile phone, your title should look like this...

A NEW kid on the block - 'Sony Ericsson K500i' ? Who else wants the NEW 'Sony Ericsson K500i'?

Did you get my point? ... your title is the first thing visitors will see before reading your REVIEW, so make sure you catch their attention and increase their interest, otherwise they won't read your review, no matter how good it is.

Here's how to make visitors keep reading your affiliate product review so you can pre-sell them and generate the sale you want:

- grab their interest right from the opening paragraph. e.g. open your review with a question.

- use short phrases, avoid offering too much info into one phrase;

- offer details, facts and testimonials in your product review to increase your credibility.

This article showed you a simple step-by-step method you can use to write a powerful product review and increase your affiliate commissions by 300%, or more.

Now go ahead and write a solid affiliate product review. The more you write, the better you'll become at it.

Codrut Turcanu is an Affiliate Marketing Expert. His NEW eBook helps Affiliates create Niche Sites and profit 24/7 on Autopilot:

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Feature Article:

* Exclusive *

"Wearing The Two Hats of Working 'IN' and Working 'ON' Your Business ...""
By: Denise Ryder

Ok, a little bit of a "take us away from" the concept of emarketing, for just this issue and let's turn our focus on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS for just a second.

Essentially, we wear many hats as a business owner, but the hats I want to talk about today are the working "in" and working "on" your business.

When I talk about working "in" your business, I am referring to the aspect of business that we ALL find ourselves in the middle of, all the time. If you are a bookkeeper, it is doing someone's books. If you are a emarketer then it is doing the work of sending out an email campaign and then handling the responses/orders as a result of that email you sent out. If you are a newsletter publisher it is the work of getting the articles together, and working on sending out the newsletter to your subscribers.

Working "in" is actually doing the work of whatever business you are in and again it is the place where we all spend the biggest bulk of our time. It should be no surprise that when it comes to working "in" we have that down pat.

Working "on" our business takes us out of the "trenches" so to speak, and changes things up where we look at our business as a whole and work "on" moving it forward, setting up proper systems to help us grow, looking at us and seeing what we need in order to grow the company.

Looking at all the functional areas and seeing where they need to be tweaked in order to make our business more efficient or easier on us to run. When it comes to working "on" we spend little time, when in reality we should be spending a lot of time, because if we don't we just stay where we are.

In working "on" you really do need to "change hats" so that you go into a different sort of mindset. Going from the mindset of the "doer of the work" to the mindset "of setting the vision and look at your business as if you were on the outside looking in." When you change your mindset it is easier to look at things from a different perspective.

So, let's for a second look at some of the working "on" things that as an eMarketer you may want to focus on.

1. YOU - the most important aspect of our business is US and our degree of knowledge and passion for our business.

Are there areas within your business that you should brush up on? Do you have the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level? If not, then you need to access that knowledge, either by reading up, taking a course, or hiring someone to train you. I know, you are probably thinking, "look I don't have the time for all this."

I know, TIME is the one thing that we never seem to have enough of, but only because we don't sit down and make the time. Business online goes at the speed of sound, what was the key system or piece of knowledge that helped you yesterday is certainly different from what you need to help you now.

2. SYSTEMS - do you have the systems in place that will help you run your business more efficiently.

Are there areas where you could automate in order to take yourself right out of the equation so it can free you to work on (and in) other areas within your business. When I say systems I refer to ALL things that you can look at within all your functional areas.

3. MARKETING - this could easily fit into your functional areas, but...hey, you always talk about what you're passionate about, and marketing just happens to be my passion, AND because I know it is one of the functional areas business owners have the biggest challenge with.

So...the working "on" your marketing would involve looking at niches or other segments where your product/ service would meet a need. Looking at taking your marketing efforts off-line to drive on-line traffic and what of course you would need in order to make that happen.

You should, actually now...TAKE THE TIME and sit down even if it is once a week and devote a day where you are working "on" your business. Take yourself out of the "trenches" and look at the things that will help you to move forward at a steady pace. Look for new markets, look at new systems to help you automate that will free your time up a bit. Look at what YOU NEED in the form of knowledge and education. This isn't rocket science, it is just the other "hat" of doing business, if you devote yourself and take the time you need it will pay-off for you and your business in the end!


The working "on," working "in" phrase comes from Michael Gerber who among other books wrote E-Myth Revisited and E-Myth Mastery. Both books are available on-line or at your local bookstore. BOTH are a MUST READ and will go even deeper to explain how you can do the work of "on" and "in."

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!



~/~ SOHO Help Desk ~\~

"Discover the Magic Formula To Niche Business"

Today's SOHO Help Desk provides an insiders secret to creating profitable niche products.

If you have a valuable tip, promotional idea, question or answers you would like included in an upcoming issue of DEMC, all you have to do is submit it by email to -


A "Magic Formula" To Tell If Your Niche Business Idea Will Snowball Profits or Bomb ...Even Before You Create Your Info-Product!

by Dr.Prashanth Shivanna, copyright (c) 2005

"NICHE!" It's all the craze right now online. There's a small fortune to be made by selling niche products online to tightly targeted niche markets - from information products to software to hard goods.

But many 'wanna-be' Internet business people waste their time, effort and moony pursuing ideas that were doomed from the beginning because they were trying to fish in a pond with no fish!

Do you want to know exactly how successful internet marketers assess the potential profitability of a niche business idea even before they create a product? Then, read this...

STEP #1: Select the keyword phrase that best describes your proposed product area. The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself, "What would I type into a search engine if I was looking for the information contained in my eBook"

For example, if you wanted to write a book about "How to Stop Smoking", the phrase that best describes this area is: 'stop smoking'

STEP #2: Calculate your Market Demand (MD)

Don't worry, this isn't as complex as it sounds! All you have to do is go to the Overture search term suggestion tool at:

Type your search term into the Search Term Suggestion Tool and click the arrow. The numbers that come back show how many times this search term and related terms were entered by internet users in a single month.

For example when I typed in 'stop smoking', it shows that 49363 people searched for the words stop smoking in a single month. (Searches done in Jan, 2005)

Add up the Count numbers for all your 'related' Search Terms. (For example.. stop smoking, quit smoking, etc. This gives you your Market Demand (MD)

When I added up the Count values for all the related Search Terms I got a Market Demand Of 167,078. So for 'stop smoking' MD = 167,078

STEP #3: Calculate your Visitor Profit Potential (VPP)

This is really easy as well. All you need to do is go to Overture's View Bids Tool at:

and enter your search term. When the results come back, View Advertiser's Max Bids. Take the number 3 bid as your VPP.

For example: When I entered the term 'Stop Smoking' into Overture and viewed the advertiser's max bids, the third highest bid was $1.56

So for 'Stop Smoking' VPP = $1.56

STEP #4: Plug your numbers into 'The Magic Formula!'

Potential Monthly Profit = (MD x 1.5/100 x VPP)

[The reason we multiply the MD by 1.5% is because as a rule of thumb, it is possible to attract at least 1.5% of most markets to your website.

The Visitor Profit Potential (VPP) is based on the idea that the value of the third advertiser bid in Overture is an indication of the profit per lead as set by the market.]

So, for 'stop smoking'...

Potential Monthly Profit = (167078 * 1.5/100 * $1.56) = $3909.62

Result? ->

Now, $3909.62 a month is nothing to sneeze about. It certainly makes a comfortable living. But if you still insist... go create 5 such mini-sites and you'll have five streams of solid income!

Simple but Profound -- Isn't it?

This formula gives a good estimation of the profit potential of different markets.

Want more examples?

Let's say that you had two ideas for potential new ebooks:

(1) Porsche restoration (2) Digital photography

If you didn't know better you might just go with the idea that you are most interested in. This is like selecting a pond to fish at because it is your favorite place to sit rather than because it is the best place to catch fish.

OK, let's put the magic formula to test

eBook Idea #1 - "Porsche restoration"
Market Demand (MD) - "653"
Visitor Profit Potential (VPP) - "$0.07"
Potential Monthly Profit - "$0.69"

eBook Idea #2 - "Digital photography"
Market Demand (MD) - "170234"
Visitor Profit Potential (VPP) - "$0.89"
Potential Monthly Profit - "$2272"

So according to the Magic Formula, it would be a waste of time effort and moony writing a book about Porsche Restoration.

Of these two areas, digital photography appears to be the most profitable...

You don't have to know why the magic formula works. All you really need to know is that it is a very valuable tool used by some of the leading Internet marketers to find popular markets and have profits snowballing EVEN before they create any product!

Now that you know the 'Magic Formula', go funnel your *million dollar ideas* into it and see if it will snowball profits or bombs fast and hard!

Dr.Prashanth "quietly" earns a decent living from his tiny little niche websites. Visit his niche resource site at -> for a FREE Report that shows how to create and sell niche info- products, without you having to write a single word!


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