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                 ** DEMC ** Volume IX No. 32 **
        The Truth About Legitimate Email Marketing!
          Serving the Internet Since November 1995

Quote for today:

"Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where the fruit is?"
          - Frank Scully

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What's In This Issue - Features

1) Editor's Note: "How to Invest Your Marketing Budget"
2) Marketing Insights: "Email Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump"
3) Feature Article: "How Niche Marketing Creates Sustainable Business Success"
4) SOHO Help Desk: "7 Psychological Triggers for Unlimited Sales"
5) DEMC's - Advertising Information



Editor's Note:

"How to Invest Your Marketing Budget"

A new research study done by Enquiro and MarketingSherpa has revealed the buying behavior of business Internet users. In particular the study focused on how business people research purchase decisions.

If you've been wondering how to spend your marketing dollars for maximum effectiveness, listen up. The study showed four key areas as marketing musts to effectively sell to the business consumer.

The first finding of the study is that over 86% of respondents said they would use a search engine to research purchasing a product or service. In particular 82% selected Google as their engine of choice. Further, 76% said they would visit sites in the search engines' organic listings rather than the sponsor links. And of the organic listing the top 3 links pulled in 60% of clicks.

After seeing these statistics, it is obvious you must invest in search engine optimization. In particular, you should focus on optimizing your site for the highest placement possible in Google.

The second finding of the study evaluated the way people look at search results. The majority, 63% were found to be scanners. These individuals review the page quickly looking for words that grab their attention, rather than reading the entire page carefully. With the scanners, decisions are made in a few seconds and then a link is clicked.

To get a visit from these scanners, your search engine title and description have to be great. Your copy has to jump out. Start thinking of your listing as a classified ad and use the AIDA principle. You have a second to get the Attention of the searcher, make the searcher Interested, build Desire in the searcher and then ask for Action - the click.

Invest in your search engine listing copy. A few well stated key words in your listing can improve your search engine results.

The third finding of the study revealed there is a purchasing process. Business people do not research and buy the same day. In fact, most business people spend a lot of time researching before purchasing. 22% said their research takes between 1 - 2 weeks. While 54% indicated their research phase could be anywhere from 1 - 3 months. And others said they spend between 4 months to a year researching.

With such a significant research phase in the buying process, it becomes obvious that you have to capture the contact information of visitors to your site. Your site has to make an offer which encourages visitors to leave their email address. You could provide a white paper, a newsletter, an ecourse, a coupon or really anything of interest. But make sure you require the visitor to leave his/her email address to access the information.

Once you've acquired visitors' contact information, you have a prospect list that must be followed up with. Do not sit on the list! These are individuals who are in the buying process, use email to keep your product or service in front of them. Send emails which provide additional information, teach prospects how they can use your offerings or explain features of your product or service.

The critical point is that you keep following up by email. Because as shown in the study in most instances it will be a month or more before a purchase is made. By following up you increase the likelihood that your product or service will be the one purchased.

Invest in your email collection and follow-up strategy. An autoresponder service will make the process easy and inexpensive. (And of course, I recommend our autoresponder service at .)

The fourth finding of the study was the importance of your web site. Close to 19% of business people said that they began their research for a product or service at the seller's site. Even if they're months out from actually buying, they go to your site for information. Should your site lack quality content and details about the product or service your selling those individuals will then move on to search engines for other options.

Your site has to be ready to take advantage of these potential buyers who are coming to you first. In addition to fully explaining what you sell, how to use your product or service, etc., consider adding in comparison information to your competitors. This tactic will keep the buyer on your site rather than having him/her go to a search engine to do comparisons. You might also make available other buyers' reviews as this feature is a common tool people use when making buying decisions.

Keep in mind the more information your site offers the better. Not only will having all the details assist with buyers who access your site first, it also will satisfy those buyers who started their research at a search engine and found you.

Invest in developing a quality web site packed with information. Think of your web site as your salės staff, make sure it is knowledgeable, friendly, easy to use and of course a good seller.

The key point to understand from the study is that marketing is not made up of just having a web site, or just focusing on search engines or just doing email marketing or just placing ads. Effective selling require the integration of numerous marketing element. Every piece works together to persuade the buyer to make a purchase.

Remember marketing is a philosophy not a single department or tool. Think through how you can have a marketing philosophy integrated into every aspect of your business.

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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Email Marketing Insights:

* Exclusive *

"Email Marketing Lessons from Donald Trump"
By: Charlie Page

Have you been watching NBC's top-rated new reality show called "The Apprentice"?

If not, what it comes down to is two teams of entrepreneurs competing to see who can earn the most in a short time based on tasks assigned them by no less that The Donald himself ... Donald Trump.

It's fun to watch, but more important by far are the very practical business lessons any entrepreneur will learn by watching. You can read all about it at -

In last week's show a POWERFUL point was made about the effectiveness of email marketing. Don't miss this!

In a nutshell, one team used old fashioned marketing to get the word out about a bridal gown sale.

Team #2 used one TARGETED ėmailing to only 23,000 to get the word out about their competing bridal gown sale.

Remember, they are selling offline ... physical products in a store on the street.

The Results?

Team one netted $1,060.47. Not bad for a FOUR-HOUR sale, right?

Well, team #2 netted $12,788.94 !!

**** Off ONE email solo ad! ****

And ... they even forgot to put their telephone number in the email, which they thought was going to be the kiss of death!

So what does this have to do with you?

Everything ... If you want to sell more online OR offline that is!

As I see it, there are three lessons we can all learn from this example.

1. Email Marketing Is Alive And Well

PLEASE, do not believe the doom-sayers who are shouting that email as we know it is dead because they want to sell you their latest and greatest desktop delivery thingy.

Email and ezine marketing is still the number one method of marketing online, and that will NOT be changing anytime soon.

Consider these facts ...

* Ezine marketing is the most TARGETED type of advertising on the planet.

* EVERY Joint Venture is nothing more than a solo ad sent to a private list.

* The spam filter situation is well under control, with most reputable companies like SendFree delivering almost 100% of their email.

* The legislation passed last year HELPS legitimate marketers, and hurts only the bad guys who send junk.

Email and ezine marketing is not only alive and well, it's stronger than ever. In fact, *you* are living proof simply because you are reading this.

2. The Person With The Best List Succeeds

You've heard forever that you need to build your list. The good news is that it's not too late.

Begin today by simply offering visitors to your site a frėė eBook or further information related to your product. One client of mine took this advice and has a list of over 2500 from the last 45 days alone.

And believe me, his traffic is nothing to write home about.

He has discovered that about 1/3 of all visitors will ask for more information. Simple really.

3. Target Your Market Or Go Home Empty Handed

The key to their success on the Apprentice is not that email or ezine marketing is magic, it's that their ad was TARGETED to the right audience. If they had sent 23,000 emails to construction workers they would have failed.

On the Internet you must target your audience and stand out from the crowd. Do these two things consistently and success will come to you.

The good news is that there does not have to be a mailing list about your topic for you to succeed. I buy life insurancė but don't read any ezines about life insurancė.

The key is to know who you are trying to reach and be able to determine where they are so you can go there and sell them something. It is proactive marketing.

And NOTHING does that better than ezines and email.

How about you? Are you targeting your market and using email & ezines to create salės? If not, you can start today. It's NOT hard at all. If you know a little about who might buy your product you can quickly and easily find ezines about that topic. Then buy an ad in that ezine and watch the results start to happen.

Yes my friend, email and ezine marketing is alive and very well indeed.

Isn't it about time that YOU started profiting from it too?

Charlie Page owns Directory of Ezines, Directory of Marketing and Instant Ezines. Get Charlie's SHORT report "How To Write Killer Ads In Under 10 Minutes!" DEMC subscribers only - get it for less that ten bucks until Nov. 20.

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Feature Article:

* Exclusive *

"How Niche Marketing Creates Sustainable Business Success"
By: Mark Munday

There can be no doubt that email marketing is becoming increasingly difficult. It is getting harder simply because there are so many people doing it. And, even more importantly, there are far too many people trying to flog the same stuff to a battle-weary buying public. Catching the attention of potential customers is becoming really challenging. And you will only make it happen if stand out from the crowd.

It is often said that you just can't be everything to everyone. This is especially true in business. The worst thing business owners can do is to delude themselves into thinking that everyone is in their buying audience.

Trying to satisfy everyone's requirements for your products or services is a really big ask. And it is a thankless task too. You run the risk of being only moderately successful at keeping all your customers happy. This means that customer satisfaction, on average, probably won't be high enough to bring you lots of referrals and repeat business. And your business will be only moderately successful.

As a small business owner, you will do far better if you focus the delivery of your offering on satisfying the needs of a very specific subset of the market. Because your niche market has well defined needs, it is easier to satisfy them. And your selected customers are like to be a lot more pleased with your services.

You make a much greater splash by jumping up and down in a puddle, than when you bob up and down in the sea. Similarly, focusing on a niche target market means that you have a much greater impact on the customers you serve. Customer satisfaction soars. And your reputation as a specialist grows as customers pass the word around.

The need for a well defined market niche increases dramatically as markets become more competitive. Having a market niche enables you to differentiate yourself from competitors. And it provides you with a steady stream of business, even in the most crowded, fiercely competitive market.

Let's consider an example. Imagine that you are an ex- accountant, and that you have decided to take advantage of the booming internet business market. So, you buy some equipment and software, and you set yourself up to provide website hosting services.

The market for this service is enormous. Tons of new websites are created every year. And the rate of growth is skyrocketing. But you are dismayed to find that attracting any of this business is almost impossible for a small newcomer like you. There are so many people out there doing the same thing at cutthroat prices, that you just can't get your business off the ground.

Imagine how different your experience might have been if you only offered this service to accountants, together with a suite of tools accountants require for servicing their clients over the internet. As an ex-accountant, you would understand the needs of your target market very well. So you could put together a compelling service offering. You would also have the credibility it takes to inspire confidence in prospective clients.

Your specialization would give all accountants out there who want to get on the net, a really good reason to do business with you. The size of this target market would be a small fraction of all the people creating websites. But your ability to penetrate this niche market would be infinitely greater. As a specialist, you are also able to charge more for your products and services. Which means that you don't have to compete on price.

Dominating a niche market means that you are well placed to build a compelling competitive advantage. One that brings you sustainable business success in a highly competitive market.

Applying this principle will make any business more successful. You can base a market niche on various criteria : your location, profile of your customers, industry knowledge, people you know etc.

Think of how you can add value for your customers in a way that no one else is doing it. And use this as your starting point. Your objective should be to create and take ownership of a market niche. And to do it in a way that makes your position virtually un-assailable.

As a Business Strategist and Coach, Mark works with
business owners to help them achieve their business goals.
His powerful strategic planning and implementation
techniques produce stunning results for clients.

For more info, go to .
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~/~ SOHO Help Desk ~\~

"7 Psychological Triggers for Unlimited Sales"

Today's SOHO Help Desk reviews some terrific tips on writing sales copy.

If you have a valuable tip, promotional idea, quėstion or answers you would like included in an upcoming issue of DEMC, all you have to do is submit it by email to -

=== 7 Sales Copy Tips ===

From: Carl Cholette

7 Psychological Triggers for Unlimited Sales

Did you know that there are specific psychological triggers you can use to influence the decisions of peoples and persuade them to buy what you are selling?

By knowing and using these psychological triggers you will have an edge on your competitions and make more sales in the process.

Here are 7 psychological triggers you can start using in your salės letter today!

Psychological trigger #1: BE SPECIFIC

It's important to be as specific as possible. Why! Because it make your information more believable and credible. For example: Don't say that you are in your late twenties, say that you are 28 years old or 29. Be specific! Don't be vague!

Psychological trigger #2: CURIOSITY

We are all curious! It's human nature! So, we need to used this trigger to attract more peoples to see or read what we have to offer them. For example: "What is the best way to attract loyal customers?" Are you not curious to find out what the answer is!

Psychological trigger #3: REASON WHY

Show your prospects, subscribers or customers why they should listen to you. Why they should buy what you are offering them. Is it because of your "no questions ask garantee" or "your expertise of 20 years on the subject". Tell them, they want to know why!

Psychological trigger #4: SCARCITY

It's kind of funny. We are more driven by the thought of loosing something then by the thought of gaining something. That's why deadlines, limited opportunities, limited production numbers, etc. will work well. For example: " Buy before 12:00 am today and receive a free trip to Mexico...only 2 left...Hurry!

Psychological trigger #5: FEAR

Fear is a powerful trigger. Just look at the news for example. In the months before Y2K peoples were buying food, water, caddles lights and lots of other products... just based on fear! The same thing happen with war... it's fear that controls most of our actions.

Psychological trigger #6: ENTHUSIASM

You need to be full of positive energy about what you are doing or selling to your prospects and clients. Without this energy you won't be able to transfer your message effectively. Your sales letter will look and feel dull with no power.

Psychological trigger #7: TELLING THE TRUTH

Peoples appreciate honesty. Even though sometimes it can be painful. If you are honest and sincere, peoples will respect you for it. Peoples always found out eventually about lies. And when they do, all trust will be gone!

There you have it, the top 7 Psychological triggers. Use them in your next sales copy or emails and see how it influence your sales in a positive way!

Do you have a problem converting your customers to buyers?
Then, Carl Cholette can help you with 27 proven tactics!
Just visit to review 28 pages of "Psychological Tactics" for Free!

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