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Who Shops More Online Men vs. Women?
By Abbie Drew
Oct 17, 2014, 11:48

When it comes to shopping online, women buy more:
58% women vs. 42% men, reports nextopia. Not surprising
considering women control up to 80% of household spending.

But the story doesn't end there . . .

Men it turns out are the bigger online spenders. Men spend
more online per transaction $68 for men vs. $52 for women.

A report from Business Insider Intelligence further reveals
other important statistics about men's buying influence.

Consider these important findings about men's e-commerce

* Government consumer spending data show that young men
(up to age 34) spend more than young women overall.

* Men are more likely to make purchases on mobile devices.

* More than 80% of men are the sole or key decision-makers
on big ticket items in their households according to to the
Jacobs Media "Marketing to Men" survey.

* Men are more influenced by discounts: 65% vs. 55%

* Men are more likely to compare prices via mobile while
in a retail store. (Hipcricket)

* Men are now the primary grocery shoppers in about four
in ten households.

Men are shopping in big numbers online. They present
a great opportunity to online marketers if you just
make the effort to get their attention.

While you might think all you need is a picture of a scantly
clad woman to make sales, the reality is it takes more than
a pretty face. Sure the Victoria Secret commercials grab
a guy's attention - but men buy a lot more than lingerie!

It's well worth the effort to consider what makes the men in
your audience base buy and then use those tactics to market
to them.

Here are 6 guidelines to consider when marketing to men.

1) Research

Men like concrete information and data about the product /
service they're interested in purchasing. The more details
and specifics you can provide the better. A well informed
male prospect will be more likely to purchase.

2) Reviews and Comparisons

Men want to know what others think of the product / service
before they buy. Men will use social media outlets, forums,
and the company's site to investigate the views and opinions
of others.

The marketing firm Performics has found 62% of males vs.
50% of females compare products using social media channels.

3) Discounts

Men like bargains and deals too. Men will browse the Web
more frequently than women when doing shopping research.
Men search for a good price on a product not necessarily
on a brand.

Performics study also found males are more inclined to
consult deal websites - 56% vs 41% for females

4) Loyal

Men are loyal customers. When a product / service delivers
what a man wants he will return to purchase again and again.
Deliver what you promise and reward your loyal customers. You
will then have your male customer for life.

5) Advertise

40% of men site advertising as a sources for making them
aware of products they then purchase, reports Defy Media.

Men were also 36% more likely than women to trust the
advertising messages they see according to a recent
survey from YouGov.

Microsoft has found 50% of men are influenced by digital ads.
44% are influenced by online search results.

When marketing to men invest in search engine optimization,
pay-per-click and mobile ads. Men purchase from mobile ads
more frequently than women.

6) Word-of-Mouth

Encourage your customers to tell their friends and family
about the products / services they've purchased.

Almost half of men will tell their friends about positive
experiences they've had when purchasing online. 41% of men
say word-of-mouth is the number one way they learn of new


Make sure your marketing uses these tactics to appeal
to the men in your subscriber base. Men are a powerful
buying audience!

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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