Starting a Business
Never, ever give up!
By Abbie Drew
Apr 11, 2007, 17:00

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Never,ever give up!” If you are a small business owner this needs to become your motto.

Being successful is not easy. It will require work and dedication. (Do not be suckered into thinking otherwise.) But if you put in the effort and dedication you will triumph.

Just this past week, I was speaking with a small business owner who owns a house painting company with 60 employees. He told me he started the business when he was 18. He was broke and looking for a source of income to put himself through college. And it’s only now, 28 years later that he no longer needs to work everyday.

He has learned that to succeed in business, be it starting a business or operating your existing business you must “Never,ever give up!” Business success requires continuous effort and constant improvement.

Over the weekend, I watched the movie, “Pursuit of Happyness” which is based on a true story and is very inspiring. The story follows a single Dad’s battle to find success. Only through hard work and unshakable determination, despite impossible odds and bad luck, does the Dad accomplish his first step toward success.

While the movie only shares the story of the Dad’s initial struggles to reach his first step of success, the movie concludes by telling viewers how much greater the Dad’s success has been since. It is clear the Dad never stopped working to improve his position in life.

The story was an amazing illustration of the point - “Never,ever give up!”

If you have yet to reach the success you desire, realize you are not alone. All small business owners face ongoing chanllenges and struggles.

Starting up a business and continuing a business is hard work. You may think some business owners are resting on easy street but the simple fact is they are working very hard to maintain their businesses.

Too frequently, I receive unsubscribe emails from individuals telling me they’re giving up on their Internet businesses. They’ve decided it is too hard and not worth it.

Yes, running an Internet business, or an offline business will be tough! But if you adopt the motto - “Never,ever give up!” and keep working on your business you are destined to succeed.

Abbie Drew

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