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How To Make Your Web Site Stand Out and Sell
By Kevin Nunley
Oct 18, 2006, 13:00

There are more than 60 million web sites out there, so you
shouldn't feel dismayed if your site isn't generating the kind of profits you hoped for. There is a lot of competition to contend with.

Here are four ways to make your site stand out, grab more
visitors, and make more sales.

1) Promote Your USP

Your USP is your Unique Selling Position. It's the one
thing you have that your competitors don't. When you
promote your USP you get more customers.

Your USP could be a product or service that people want
but the others don't sell. It could be something a bit more
intangible like friendly service.

One search engine promotion firm I worked with NEVER
answered email. Another always replies within hours.
There is never any question which will get my business.

Put your Unique Selling Position on our business card, in
your newspaper ads, and front and center on your web site.

If everybody in your business keeps their prices a big secret, publish yours right out in the open where anyone can
examine them (you might be surprised how many of us
won't buy if we aren't given the price without having to

If all the others have the same products, point out how your
products are original, one of a kind, first to market.

2) Keep Old Customers Coming Back

It is always going to be faster, easier, and cheaper to get
your existing customers to buy than to lure in new

Give your customers a new reason to buy again. Offer the
service or product they have bought before, but this time
with an added incentive. For instance, you not only design the web site, but also promote it for the first month.

Big discount stores like Sears and Walmart have
discovered the truth in this system. You'll notice they go
wide but not very deep. Instead of selling six different
styles of can openers, they sell just one or two types of 60
different kitchen utensils.

Use this same principle to maintain your business' niche
focus while bringing existing customers more and more
related products.

Each time you add a new related product to your line, blast
out another email to your customer base announcing your

3) Get Testimonials

Nothing sells products and services like good comments
from past customers. Prospects believe the word of a
customer long before they'll buy into even the best written
ad or most lavish TV commercial.

But how do you get good testimonials, especially if your
business is new?

1. Nobody says YOU can't provide the testimonial. If you
have personally used the product you are selling and truly
believe it's the best thing since sliced bread--put that in a testimonial. Put your own words in quotations.

2. Get someone who is a recognized name in your field to
say something good about what you sell. Let them mention
their own interest in the testimonial. This is why blurbs on
book covers go, "Best book I've ever read," Joe Blow,
author of How to Get Rich. Joe lends his good opinion as a
way to get a mention for HIS book.

3. Put up a comments form on your web site. Clearly
mention that some comments may be selected for display on
your site or in your promotional literature. Some people
will say good things (which I'm sure they mean sincerely) just to get their name in print.

4. Always include the person's first and last name along
with the city they live in or the business they work for.
Otherwise, people will think you made up the testimonial.

4) Use This Quick Tricks

Need a quick boost in web site visitors as we go into the
holiday shopping season? Here's how:

1. Offer free software to your customers. Check out for software developers who are eager to
distribute their work for free.

2. Offer a free course via email. This can simply be a few
informative pages that help your target customers solve a
common problem.

3. Offer to help or answer questions at no charge. My offer to look at your web site and offer an opinion always draws lots of response.

4. Start your own contest. Have lots of winners of small
prizes with each winner eligible to win a much larger prize.

5. Write a press release about all the special promotions
you are doing. Put it on it's own web page and register
with search engines.

Use these simple methods to give your web site better focus, more zeal, and to better serve your visitors and customers. Improved sales will follow.

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