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Interview with John Di Lemme Master Coach of Network Marketing
By Cort McCadden
Sep 20, 2006, 11:00

Cort: With me today is John Di Lemme, who if you have ever been involved with Network Marketing you will have probably heard of. John, I know that you are one of the new “hotshots” in Network Marketing; however I would like to know what you did before your Network Marketing involvement. When was this? What got you interested in the Network Marketing?

John: Let me tell you my story, Cort. I got involved in Network Marketing in 1990. Prior to this, just like you, I was born in 1965 at 8:35am in room 404. I get very specific about my day of birth, because each of you reading this interview has to understand that you were born for greatness and that you were born with a Why inside you. You were born for a specific reason and that's why you were put on this Earth to achieve massive success. In the system of life, we get bombarded with so much negativity that we never achieve our massive success that we were given in our birth right. It wasn’t Network Marketing that interested me; it was the freedom and potential to build a business with passive residual income.

A little bit more about my story. Not only was I born in 1965, but I was also born in New York (which if you could hear me, you would know this from listening to me). In 1969, I was four years old. It was the last year the New York Jets won the Super Bowl, and the year that I was diagnosed by doctors in a hospital with having a speech impediment.

Before I go on, I want you to know what you are gonna get out of me in this interview…..I am going to give you the keys to unlock the riches and profits that are inside you. Through a 14 year process, from the age of 4 to 18, I became a clinically diagnosed stutterer. At the age of 18, I could barely say my name.

Let’s get to the point, I went to college and graduated as a top business student, but it didn’t make a difference. I was working in my family owned art gallery in New York. My family has owned galleries in Manhattan and Westchester County for decades. While working my family business, I had a day that changed my life. Everybody has that day! Maybe today you will be reading this, and this will be your day.

I believe in the sprit of expectation. I expect someone’s life to change from this interview. It may be you, I don’t know, but I believe someone’s life will change. On March 10, 1990, I was bored to no end. I was in a routine with no goals, no motivation, no enthusiasm, no excitement, and yet I had a burning desire inside me to speak fluently. I remember watching the great JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King and longing to be a great orator like them.

My life changed on March 10, 1990 when I picked up an ad that said, “Earn 10,000 dollars, wear tailor made clothes, drive Mercedes-Benz”. That intrigued my interest. Focus on this point. I was intrigued, but I took action. A lot of people will get intrigued and not take action. They will ask the opinion of others before they take action. I took action. I made a phone call. I attended the event on March 15, 1990, and it changed my life forever.

I was exposed that evening to personal development which I never heard about in school. I graduated at the top of my class from a reputable business school, but I never heard of personal development. After the event, I went out that evening and purchased the book Think and Grow Rich. That changed my life forever!

Let’s flip it forward nine years. From 1990 to 1999, I built a business based upon the mindset that I was going to be financially free in order for me to live my WHY. That’s how I developed the brand “Find Your Why”. As you take a look at, take note that the Alexa ranking is in the teens. It is one of the top personal development Internet websites on the Net today, because I utilized a vehicle, the business vehicle of Network Marketing, to become financially free.

Let’s flip it forward to today. I am a Strategic Business Coach and an International Motivational Speaker. I have spoken in over 16 countries worldwide on the topics of: Success, Motivation, Internet Marketing, and Absolutely Creating a Profitable Life.

Cort: What a story, John! I also had a life changing experience in 1973 when I read Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

John, did you see the value of Email Marketing almost immediately after it appeared? What made you get involved with Email Marketing?

John: What I saw in the value of Email Marketing was the ability to create a daily communication. As you know from being in my database, some people get up to three emails a day from me. I operate twenty-four sub-lists (databases). The number of emails that people in my database receive is based on the lists they choose to join.

Here is the rationale behind all the emails. By the age of 10, the average person has seen more than 400,000 commercials. What that does is squash their Dream, their Why, and begins to initiate the development of negative habit structures. Next, they fall into that groove and get into a rut. Email Marketing allows me to communicate to the world and not have to be visually in front of them. (See Question #4 for more about how I communicate with email.)

Cort: What are you doing to avoid the ever present spam filters from putting your email in spam folders? Are you considering using PDF files to send your ezine like I have started to do?

John: You really have to be a student. I am more of a student today than I have ever been. I have been a student of personal development and success for over 16 years. I am a student now of the Internet and spam folders, and emails going into the trash file, etc. It takes daily action to stay attuned and stay ahead of the game.

You are in this game. It is very important to understand that you must model and be mentored by someone that is successful on the Internet. What frustrates me is most people do not model from people that are successful. That is why earlier I mentioned Alexa Ranking. It is like a blood pressure machine. People insist they don’t have high blood pressure and they are fine, but when they get to a blood pressure machine, they realize they do have high blood pressure. The Alexa Ranking ranks every website on the Internet. You can download the Alexa toolbar for free at You will see the is in the teens - sometimes the low teens, sometimes the high teens, or low twenties. When you understand the process, it is absolutely incredible. I say that because our team here is incredible.

I am a huge team player and have an awesome team behind me. You really have to understand that if you are in the game of Internet marketing, and make sure you are being mentored by people who have won the Stanley Cup of Internet Marketing. They have played the game and developed great strategies for winning the game.

The challenge is that Internet marketing has grown so fast, most people teaching Internet Marketing have not earned a dime in Internet Marketing. That frustrates me. Always, I am not shy to tell the truth. I will tell you the truth right now. Ninety-five percent of people teaching, coaching and/or mentoring on the Internet don’t know what they are doing! They are making money by selling you something that simply hasn’t worked for them and won’t work for you. That is a pretty shocking statement, but it is the truth. I want you to extract the truth.

Cort: So true, John and sad too. What are your feelings about Plain vs. HTML Email Marketing? What about the Audio and Visual Email?

John: I highly believe in all forms of email – plain, HTML, and audio & visual. As you know, I have numerous online videos in which most of these are bonus videos that assist me in building relationships on-line. I want everyone to know that your success in your Internet presence has to do with building relationships.

I want you to write this down: “Bricks & Clicks”. Bricks = the conventional retail store. Visualize a store being built with bricks. Clicks = internet clicking. You have to merge what has shown profitable in the brick world into the Internet world. Our team here at DDG has done an outstanding job in creating the “Bricks & Clicks” world together.

You should capitalize on sending audio emails and visual emails. I do. I have numerous videos and audios. I also send HTML. I send a weekly HTML e-zine (for over four years now) that goes out to tens of thousands of people worldwide. I also send plain email. As a business person, you have to understand that most people aren’t as highly educated as you about email.

Cort: What have been your biggest successes in your business and why? Failures? What would you do differently if you could do things over?

John: I consider my biggest success in my career thus far to be my incredible team that has traveled this journey with me and my ability to change the lives of others through basic strategies. If you don’t have a Mastermind Team that is focused on assisting you in the achievement of your Why, then you must find one. All great successful business people have a magnificent team beside them not behind them.

The second part of my great achievement would be my ability to see others achieve their dreams through the vehicle of Network Marketing by implementing basic strategies into their daily action plan. I have witnessed hundreds of people running around in circles like hamsters in a wheel, because they are listening to a so-called coach that has never built a MLM business. If you want to achieve something in life, then take direction from someone that has already done it.

Failures…We all fail at things in our life. It is part of the growing process that makes us stronger and even more dedicated to achieving our Why in life. I have to say that I wouldn’t do anything different, because I learned so much from the stumbling blocks in life. Those challenges have made me who I am today. Not to mention, it’s great to show others that I have walked in their shoes and I know that it’s not easy…but it is possible! However, I do agree that this is exactly where other self-professed Internet experts are failing thousands of people by teaching strategies that simply don’t work. Remember, the true way to tell if your coach is legit on the Internet is to check out his Alexa ranking.

Cort: Wow, John, checking a so called Internet guru's Alexa ranking is a SUPER idea! What would be your advice to Internet newbies concerning Email Marketing?

John: Model successful people. I suggest a visit to and register for two parts of my website. I want to forewarn you that you will receive numerous emails. Watch the process. Remember, this is a process that is productive and working. Sign up for our weekly e-zine and our live tele-classes. These are two major databases that I operate.

Take notice of the content, take notice of the subject lines, take notice of the merge of plain, HTML, audio, and visual all going out together. Model successful people.

Cort: Yes, I have enjoyed your site tremendously especailly the Eagle video. I even went out the next day and purchased one myself and now it sits on my desk. I know that you a wonderful surprise for our DEMC readers.

John: Yes, Cort I do; however I want to say in conclusion, it all comes down to understanding that your level of success is based on you knowing your Why. My website,, is a motivational website.

Motivation is the driving fuel for every vehicle, and you’ve chosen the vehicle of Internet marketing. If you don’t know WHY you are going to build a Network Marketing business then you will fail.

For instance, you could purchase a Bentley or a Hyundai - two very different vehicles. One is around fifteen-thousand dollars, the other is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Both need fuel. Without the fuel for theses vehicles, they will go nowhere. You can have a multi-million dollar vehicle, but if you don’t have the fuel, you won’t go anywhere.

I have the fuel and have proven I have the fuel! I have over forty pages of testimonials that you can read for yourself by visiting and clicking testimonials. This is a time-tested, proven, guaranteed process. I have put together an unbelievable offer. I said to myself, “What can I do for the DEMC Champion subscribers?” I have put together three e-books that I absolutely love:

I Can ebook ($17.99 value) – This will teach how to unleash the full potential of your mind and to fully utilize your mind’s ability.

Boost Your Confidence ($26.98 value) – Confidence is the foundation for massive growth. This e-book will teach you how to succeed at being yourself, how to overcome your shyness, and overcome your doubts and fears instantly. It will boost your confidence!

12 Winning Leadership Qualities e-book ($19.97 value) – It will unleash the leader instinct within you. There is a complete and comprehensive report that shows what makes a real leader.

When you total up these price tags, and the investment price is a $64.94. I am going to give you all three e-books as a bonus for you grabbing a hold of what is considered the number one personal development CD on the internet today titled Find Your Why.

Over 7,000 of the Find Your Why CDs have been sold worldwide. I can tell you right now, if you don’t own it, grab a hold of it.

I have put together a special. This CD normally retails for $47. You can literally visit , click on Success Library, and you will see it retails for $47.

What I am going to do is something that will assist in building your business. I am going to put together the $47 Find Your Why CD, plus $64.94 of actual bonuses. This is in excess of $110 of product. I am going to allow you to steal from me today… can grab a hold of this package for $17 plus shipping and handling. Do not complain about the shipping and handling, as you will see when you receive the package. I don’t pack the CDs out of my home. I have a professional worldwide fulfillment central that handles the products. For $17 plus S&H, this package will change your life.

Take Action! Decide Today!

and make sure you read this interview many times to fully understand the process of developing a multi-million dollar online presence. I believe if you are reading this, then you have the right to achieve this.

Thank you very much for you time. I value your time. As you can see on my website, my personal coaching fee is $1000 an hour and I don’t market it. I also have a waiting list. I have results to prove it. Read this interview over and over, because what I shared with you today is life-changing and over and beyond that, it will be highly profitable for you.

I want to thank Cort & his editor, Abbie, for for being Champions! Thank you for interviewing me! Thank you for searching me out and saying John Di Lemme you are producing results, you are developing a huge online presence, and I want to thank you for drilling me today on the success techniques for building a highly profitable online presence.

John Di Lemme
Strategic Business Coach
Motivational Speaker
Author of Find Your Why and Fly

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