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Marketing : PR Last Updated: Nov 16th, 2006

Marketing : PR
Send a Letter to Get Free Media Publicity
Find out how to become a trusted source for the media and get lots of exposure for your business. Kevin Nunley reveals his time tested PR tricks.
Sep 20, 2006

Marketing : PR
How To Save On Advertising
Discover 6 tactics to improve your advertising and reduce your budget. Kevin Nunley reveals his insider strategies to getting the most bang for your buck!
Jun 8, 2006

Marketing : PR
Free Resource: The new rules of PR
This is a new section of DEMC where I'll highlight a valuable free resource for you. Today's resource is a ground breaking complimentary e-book by David Meerman Scott. He explains how the web has changed the rules for press releases.
Apr 12, 2006

Marketing : PR
Innovation in a Brave New World
Yvonne Divita explains the latest marketing buzz phrases and how to make these new forms of marketing work for your business. Customer evangelism… marketing from ‘the bottom up’ … citizen journalists – what do these terms mean? They’re part of a new, innovative way to reach customers, and they promise to change the way we market our products and services.
Nov 16, 2005

Marketing : PR
How To Create An Online Newsroom The Media Love
Bill Stoller on getting more free publicity for your business.
Aug 24, 2005

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