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The BIG Reason People Remain Poor (When They Don't Have Too)

By Loral Langemeier
Jan 18, 2006

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Do you fantasize about winning the lottery or striking it rich on the Internet or in the stock market? You've probably heard the many stories of lottery winners who are dead broke within a couple of years. Would you even know what to do with ten million dollars?

What I teach in The Millionaire Maker, actually makes millionaires. Literally.

This surefire strategy works on two levels: how you think about money; and, what you do with the money you earn.

I've found that the number one obstacle to wealth creation isn't knowing what to do (this part is relatively easy), but it's getting your head straight about money.

When you're starting out, it's what's in your mind that matters, not your bank account.

** What you think creates your reality **

It's true, what you think about money creates your financial reality.

Your beliefs operate on two levels:

"I'm going to be rich!" declares your conscious mind.

"You?" says your subconscious mind. "Give me a break. You'll never be to be one of those rich people."

Consciously, you probably want to be rich. But if deep down you don't really believe you can be, it's just not going to happen.

Your first goal if you want to become wealthy, is to identify and change those subconscious beliefs that have been preventing you from being wealthy.

Below are some popular limited and negative beliefs about money. Do you recognize any of these in your family members, friends or co-workers?

" Money is scarce.
" You have to work hard for your money.
" It's hard enough just to survive, let alone thrive.
" Money is evil, dirty or bad.
" Money comes monthly.
" Money is not for me.
" I can never make enough money, no matter what I do.
" Money is a man thing.
" Money is always a menace.

** Be An Instigator Of Change **

To change your financial situation, you need to reprogram your thinking.

There's a popular philosophy dictating that you must first change your thoughts before your behavior will change. I believe it's the other way around. I believe the behavior should change first, and then the changed thinking will naturally follow. It took you years to be conditioned the way you are, and that conditioning did not come from lectures and thought exercises; it came from behavior and practices."

Let's face it - it's extremely difficult to change your beliefs simply by willing or thinking them into being.

The BIG reason that the poor remain so, is because they keep doing things that don't work. They keep NOT deciding to do something different and so they remain with their old "keep them in poverty" beliefs.

I believe it takes action to reconstruct and then reinforce thought, and that those who do it the opposite way, waiting for the belief to change in order to create the action, have a long, long wait.

** Money Muscles Must Be Exercised **

Becoming a millionaire is a decision - You say to yourself, "it's time to get financially in shape." Then you intentionally begin an exercise program and keep at it until your new belief-action money muscles, which are now run by your subconscious mind keep you from falling into the old patterns.

As with all exercise programs, the first days are the most difficult. You'll be a little sore at first. It will it take your brain a while to adjust to this new behavior of focusing on your finances and committing to a positive perception of money.

The decision is yours to make. Start now and take massive action to achieve your vision of becoming wealthy. You'll have to be the leader of your own life if you want to make yourself a millionaire.

In summary, it takes action to reconstruct and then reinforce thought. Don't put the decision to become wealthy off a moment longer. Dive into the Wealth Cycle, and watch yourself come out the other end a millionaire.

Loral Langemeier, founder of Live Out Loud, provides financial expertise through coaches, mentors, and peer-to-peer wealth builders (each of whom are verifiable millionaires). As proven by thousands of Live Out Loud clients, once a person learns how to live in a Wealth Cycle™, they become Millionaires. Get "The Millionaire Maker" and $thousands in Bonus Gifts at:
Copyright 2006 Loral Langemeier. All rights reserved.
Feel free to pass the above in its entirety to anyone you wish

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