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Abbie's Column : Email Marketing

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Discover 6 Truths About Email Marketing

By Abbie Drew
Jan 4, 2006

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2006 looks to be another prosperous year for email marketers. The 2005 statistics and studies on email marketing are in and the results look good! Email is stronger than ever.

So to kick off 2006 with a bang lets review the highlights for emailers! These 6 truths about email marketing will encourage you to stick with your email campaigns as well as invest more in their success.

1) In DoubleClick’s Sixth Annual Consumer Email Study, 90% of consumers said they send and receive email several times a day.

Email is the communication vehicle of the new century. To put the importance of email in our lives into perspective think about your own email habits. Are you checking your email constantly? DoubleClick found 44% of consumers do.

And while I can go several days without speaking on the phone, I have to check my email regularly. Face it we’re all addicted to email!

2) Consumers are becoming less concerned about spam.

Email has become so ingrained in our lives, we’re getting used to the spam. And filtering and trashing the junk is simply routine. Rather than getting mad and/or concerned about spam we now just hit delete.

Further spam is making up less and less as a percentage of the email we receive. Overall the percentage spam makes up of our email has dropped every year since 2002. In 2002, 45.5% of our email was spam and in 2005, 30.3% of our email was spam. The trend is likely to continue.

With spam becoming less of an irritant people are more receptive and accepting of email overall.

3) Statistics show list size is growing by 40% a year.

Yes, you read that correctly. Stefan Tornquist, Research Director for MarketingSherpa, says average list growth is 40% per year. Consumers' want to receive email newsletters and sales alerts.

You simply have to have a sign-up form available and an enticing offer and people will sign-up for permission email.

4) Consumers expect and want emails from businesses.

94% of consumers expect an email to confirm their orders. 90% expect a shipping confirmation email. These confirmation emails are ideal for customer retention and building loyalty.

Further consumers are interested in having businesses send them additional emails. 59% are interested in receiving email with special offers about products they’ve purchased. 49% are interested in emails about member reward programs. 39% are interested in special offer emails on other products from the same vendor.

Consumers have also stated they’d rather receive email than other marketing communications. 51% said email should replace telemarketing calls. 44% said email should replace in-person sales meetings. And 41% said email should replace direct mail.

5) Email addresses do not change frequently.

The belief that emails addresses always change is false. The fact is the typical consumer has maintained the same email address for four years or more. DoubleClick found in their study that two-thirds of respondents have never changed their email address.

And if you think free email addresses are worthless, think again. DoubleClick’s study reveled that consumers with free email addresses have kept them even longer, with an average of six years. Free accounts in reality are valued by consumers as they can check them from work as well as home. Plus, if they switch ISPs they’re able to keep the same email.

6) Branded emails get delivered, opened and results.

How do you brand an email?

Always, always, always use the same “From” line. The “From” line is what consumers use to determine if your email will -

a) Get delivered and not end up trashed as junk because they’ve taken the time to Whitelist your “From” address. (Whitelisting is one of the main ways to ensure your email isn’t labeled as spam and filtered.)
b) Get opened because they recognize who is sending the message.

Study after study shows the majority of respondents point out it’s “a brand I know and trust” as the element most likely to drive a response to an email.

There you have it 6 reasons to make sure you continue your email marketing efforts in 2006!

And stay tuned to DEMC through 2006, as I’ll keep you up to date on email tips and strategies to maximize your results.

Here's to Happy & Health New Year!

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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