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Marketing : Autoresponder

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Autoresponder Marketing Strategy: Confirmation Emails

By Eugenijus Sakalauskas
Nov 2, 2005

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There are a number of different ways you can use autoresponders to market to your visitors

One of them - confirmation emails

Using autoresponders to send instant confirmation emails to your customers and subscribers after they have made a purchase or signed up for your newsletter is a great way to provide people with an additional level of customers service

Autoresponders free you from having to manually send out confirmations - giving you time to focus on more profitable areas of your business. But you should also know that these confirmation autoresponders are a great marketing opportunity.

Instant confirmation do a lot to boost the credibility of your company and as a result they are the perfect place for a marketing message. You’ve responded immediately to your customers’ requests, letting them know that your business is reliable and professional.

Why not take advantage of the positive reputation you’ve fostered and offer a special price on one of
your best-selling products in your confirmation?

Suppose you own a web site that sells cycling equipment. Of course, you offer a free weekly newsletter packed with tons of great cycling tips. Every time someone signs up for your newsletter, they receive an instant autoresponder thanking them and confirming their subscription.

Include in this confirmation a coupon for your product and you will not only build positive rapport with the new subscriber you’ll also generate additional sales.

Once you’ve seen for yourself how autoresponders can boost your profits, you’ll be working them into just about every aspect of your business. Here’s an example of how using a network of autoresponders will capture sales like you wouldn’t believe.

Step 1 - A visitor comes to your site and decides to sign up to your free newsletter or free report.

Step 2 - That visitors is instantly sent a confirmation email via autoresponder thanking them for their subscription. This email also includes a discount offer on one of your best-selling product.

Step 3 - The subscribes orders your product. This purchase triggers another autoresponder, which contains an offer for an add-on to the product that was just bought.

Step 4 - The subscriber decides to purchase the add-on, which triggers another autoresponder.

Step 5 - And so on . . . .

Can you believe that this process is 100% automatic? Once you’ve written the autoresponders, you can literally forget about them and watch the sales roll in. With almost no effort on your part, you’ve turned a casual visitors to your site into a repeat customers. And you barely had to lift a finger.

Don’t limit yourself to just placing marketing messages in your confirmation messages. You can (and should) advertise your products and services in just about every message you send out to your customers and subscribers. Remember, once you’ve put an advertising message into your autoresponders, your sales will be generated automatically.

Eugenijus Sakalauskas is an established ezine publisher and direct marketer who specializes in developing new ideas and methods on Ezines, Free marketing ecourses, articles, website promotion tips.
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