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The 5 Minute Marketing Plan

By Denise Ryder
Jun 24, 2005

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If I were to ask you right N0W, what marketing tactics have
you used, umm, say in the last month, could you tell me?

Chances are you probably could rattle them off quickly

N0W, say if I asked you if you knew the results those
tactics brought. Meaning do you know specifically what
each tactic brought in as far as sales, new leads and/or new
subscribers, could you tell me that?

If you can, then fantastic!!!

If you can't, then know that you aren't alone, many
business owners fall into the trap of not planning and
tracking. When you think about it though, the word "plan"
seems so, daunting, doesn't it? I mean really, all you want
to do is "get at it," right??

What if I gave you a little tool that would take about ten
minutes to set up and it would give you a clear picture of
where you are, what is working and what isn't?

Doesn't seem so daunting N0W, huh??

Ok... hang with me for a bit and I will give you a tool
that I use and many other successful marketers are using
as well ;o)

First of all, why do you need to set a plan of action in the
first place?

I think we all know "why" we should be doing it. In order
to know what is working and what isn't. If you are paying
for advertising and you aren't tracking the results, then
how do you know if that invėstment is paying off? If you
knew the answer to that, then you could decide a few things:

1. If it is working then of course you continue on with it.

2. If it isn't then you let it go and spend that monėy

You should track EVERYTHING...yes even the fr*e*e
classified ads you place. People will dispute this with me
and say "what for, it's fr*e*e, if I get a hit, cool, it
didn't cost me a thing!"

Valid point...but consider this...what is YOUR time worth?
Sure, it's fr*e*e, but the time you take in submitting to
the "fr*e*e" stuff, takes you away from the other tasks
that could be making you monėy. We call that "opportunity
cost." Your time then is not fr*e*e.

If you have a "submitter" and it takes a few minutes, you
just click and it runs then fine, you should try and always
automate as much as possible. However, if you are posting
on an individual basis...and it takes you an hour or more
and you aren't getting anything out of it...is it really worth it?

Put a price on everything, even your time ;o)

Ok, let's get to the Plan.

This Plan can be used for each and every tactic that you put
into place or you can use it as a General Plan as an overall
game plan, the idea is to at least use it.

Note that this mini-plan is NOT the same as a Marketing
Plan you would need to provide to your Banker for
securing a loan. They require much more information than
what is hėre. This is a tool to be used "in-house" only


Mini Plan For: _____________________________

Dated: _________________

1. Purpose (what is the purpose of your marketing, ie to
add subscribers to my list)

2. Target Audience (the specific group that you are trying
to capture, ie start up eBusiness owners, pet owners..etc).

3. What Tactic Are You Using (if it is a classifed in a
newsletter, then be specific, provide a sample of the ad
and what newsletters you have put this ad in).

4. What Is Your Budget

I have this much time per week ___________

I have this much M0NEY to spend: $________

5. What Is Your Schedule (break it down into steps of the
things you need to have in place for this particular tactic)

6. Results (log to day your ad run or the day tactic was
implemented from there track your results. Day 1 ad placed
no hits, Day 2 received 2 hits).

7. Final Evaluation/Notes (once the particular campaign
is over, then you look at the purpose, if it was to add
subscribers, how many did you receive in the then and
based on that was it worthwhile to spend the monėy you
did. Also are there things you had to do during the
process to adjust for and any other notes that you want to
keep track of if you decide to use this down the road again)

8. Samples - I personally keep a folder that has all the
advertising samples that I have used along with a results
log (like the one in step 6). I keep a running log for each
piece of marketing I use so that later on if I want to use
the same piece again - then I can quickly look and see how
succesful it was in other similar newsletters that I ran it
in...saves me having to look through past plans to find the
ad, keeps things all in one place.


You can make this as easy or as elaborate as you wish, this
is your plan and its purpose is to serve you. The important
thing to understand is that you use it to track the
successes of tactics so you know if it is worth it to you
to use again.

A mini-marketing plan like this keeps you organized and
on track. You can tell very quickly which of your
campaigns worked and from there determine if you want to
re-use it again.

Good luck!

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home
office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it
yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a
little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could
grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a N0
Cost Test Drive TODAY!!

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