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Why This Is a Great Time to Promote a Small Business

By Kevin Nunley
Nov 2, 2005

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The other day we learned the consumer confidence index had
plummeted to its lowest point in 15 years. Mostly this index measures how secure people feel about their jobs. If you think there is a chance you will earn less money or get laid off, you probably won't buy as many things.

That is terrible news for businesses that sell items like
computers, cars, and refrigerators. But the drop in consumer confidence isn't bad for everyone.

Some businesses have seen a big increase in sales recently.
Here's why.

When people think their job might disappear, they start to look for new ways to earn a living. This can include starting a small business of their own or ramping up the small business they already run on the side.

Business opportunities, how-to books and courses, and services for home-based business are all selling especially well.

Market these things during hard economic times by stressing the opportunity they give customers. Stress the dream they enable. Show how buying from you can help a customer keep hope alive.

Show people how they not only get a good value from you, but your product or service will make them FEEL better about themselves and their situation.

If your product or service doesn't follow this model, think
about adding a side offer that does fit this mold. Offer an ebook or business opportunity to sell your products. Making steps to have your business "fit the times" always gets lots of customers interested.

By now some people reading this article are thinking "Hey, I thought the economy was doing just fine." And they aren't necessarily wrong. Many types of business, especially larger firms selling to other businesses, have continued to grow.

But the big hike in gas and heating prices are slowing sales down rapidly for smaller businesses selling items to consumers. One of the hard and fast rules of business cycles is as soon as times get tough, businesses STOP advertising.

It's only natural to look around for ways to cut back when
the sales stop coming in. Often, many of your expenses are fixed, but advertising and marketing is expendable.

This is a good thing for small business. When others stop advertising, your ads get noticed. One ad among a few is far more effective than your ad lumped in with a great many.

Newspapers, broadcast media, ezines, and sites also offer lower advertising rates when fewer businesses are advertising. Again, making this a terrific time to advertise a small business.

Keep in mind many businesses give up and go away during tight times. This may be your opportunity to get into the field or expand your business.

I remember a few years ago when the Dot-Com boom came to
a halt. Many of my competitors closed up shop and moved on to more exciting things. I stressed my long history and stability by not changing anything on my site for two years. Business improved dramatically for me. I was one of the few who stayed, and ended up getting more of the market share in the process.

I know you can do the same thing, too. And right now might be a great time to do it.

Kevin Nunley offers marketing advice, copywriting, and promotion at http://DrNunley.com Reach him at kevin@DrNunley.com

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