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Abbie's Column : Starting a Business

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Who Else Wants Free Email Leads?

By Abbie Drew
Oct 5, 2005

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I have exciting news to share today. The new SendFree Ad Exchange is ready!

Before, I get into the details about the new SendFree Ad Exchange, let me tell you why you might be interested.

I recently read a study at MarketingSherpa which highlighted just how critical email is to your online marketing efforts. Of the US Internet-using population 92.5% use email on a regular basis. Even search engine use is not this high. Regular Search Engine use ranked at 84%.

With email being such a critical part of Internet users daily activity, it is essential that your business collect the email addresses of interested prospect. And even more importantly, you have to follow-up with those prospects.

When you first acquire a new prospect, that individual is fresh and eager to get your information. Automating the process of sending out information to the new prospect is easily accomplished with an autoresponder.

Practically, every Internet Marketer I know of uses autoresponders to automate their business. Autoresponders work to build rapport and turn prospects into customers.

As you may or may not know, DEMC offers an autoresponder service at our site SendFree.

SendFree is known for its free autoresponders and free email advertising through its ad exchange. Well, over the summer with the new Michigan and Utah Child Protection laws we believed it was necessary to change the existing SendFree Ad Exchange. Therefore, for the last couple of months we eliminated the old ad exchange and developed our New SendFree Ad Exchange.

Today, Iím pleased to announce the update to the SendFree Ad Exchange is complete. And, if I do say so myself the new ad exchange is better than its predecessor.

The New and Improved SendFree ad exchange works to build your in-house email list using the 2 best techniques Iíve found over the years.

It allows you to get subscribers from:

1) Sign-ups to your list who come to your own web site
2) Sign-ups to your list who come to your partner sites
(And SendFree will collect partner sites for you!)

Hands down, your own site and your partner sites are the best sources of quality leads. Prospects to these sites can see what you have to offer and decide if theyíd like further email contact or not. Those who do sign-up, as I noted before, but itís worth repeating, you want to follow-up with immediately.

How the new SendFree Ad Exchange builds your list of email prospects!

SendFree has always provided its members with quick and easy web forms you can place on your site. You simply place these forms on every page of your site and youíll get sign-ups! Take a look at the DEMC site and youíll see that every page, even the page youíre reading has a sign-up form on it. In fact many pages, like this one, have a sign-up form at the top and the bottom of the page.

Site visitors who fill out a SendFree form are immediately emailed the SendFree autoresponder's reply and added to that SendFree autoresponderís lead database.

Keeping in mind that studies show 80% of all sales are made on the 5th through 12th contact, youíre going to want to follow-up with prospects who fill our your forms. When you use a web form that is connected to an autoresponder, as is the case with SendFree forms, the job of following up is easy.

Whatís new with the SendFree forms is they are now part of a co-registration network. So using a SendFree form, instantly gives you over 15,000 partners who can display your offer.

I can hear you saying, ďWait a minuteĒ explain that again.

Okay, letís break it down.

A co-registration network is a group of sites that are partnered together. When you are part of a co-registration network you agree to show the offers of your partner sites on your site so long as they agree to show your offer on their sites.

The goal of a co-registration network is to give your offer more exposure. You are sharing the traffic of your partner site and growing your email list.

The problem with co-registration networks is finding partner sites who will be part of your group. As you can imagine it can be quite tedious. How do you find sites who are willing to show your offer on their site? Especially if you donít have a lot of traffic, how do you persuade a larger site to show your offer when you canít provide much traffic in return?

Well with SendFree your problems are solved. SendFree already has over 15,000 members as part of our network. When you place a SendFree form on your site, which Iíve already noted is an essential part of building your email list, you become part of the SendFree co-registration network.

How will it work?

When a prospects submits your sign-up form at your site, that prospect is then shown the offers of other SendFree members. Now donít panic your prospect is not going to have thousands of offers to view. The form will only show up to 5 offers.

In exchange for you showing offers with your form, your offer is then shown on the forms of other SendFree members. As SendFree has over 15,000 members, that means your offer can potentially get exposure on 15,000 sites!

Any prospect seeing your offer at one of those sites, simply checks off a box if heís interested in what youíre offering and presto you just acquired an opt-in email lead for your in-house list.

And the best part of this service, itís absolutely free!

Can you see why Iím so excited! Iíll review the key points because I canít help myself.

1) Place a SendFree form on your site to get subscribers for your in-house list
2) Instantly join a co-registration network with over 15,000 SendFree members
3) Gain exposure for your offer on the sites of those 15,000 SendFree members
4) Get opt-in email lead for your in-house list.
5) Itís FREE!

If thatís not enough to make you trip over yourself to sign-up for a SendFree account right now . . . Thereís more! (Okay, I feel a bit like Iím selling Ginsu Knives here but itís important to explain this new feature fully. So bear with me:-)

Prospects who check off the box to indicate their interest in your offer are instantly sent your SendFree autoresponder message.

You get immediate email follow-up with a hot prospect without doing any extra work. No importing the lead into an autoresponder, no typing out an email to the prospect, it all happens automatically for you.

And of course, SendFree provides you with a follow-up autoresponder. Thus in addition to the initial email being delivered right away to your new prospects, you can have the autoresponder follow-up with the prospects in the days and weeks to come.

The New SendFree Ad Exchange network builds your list, follows-up with your prospects and helps you increase your sales.

Pretty neat, huh!

So would you like to see the process in action?

Sure you would! ;-)

Then send me some feedback through our contact form. (This Contact form is one of those easy to use SendFree forms I was telling you about.) Let me know what you think of the changes weíve made to DEMC, or feel free to ask us questions about the new SendFree Ad Exchange, or just say Hi! . Itís always great to hear from you.

Contact Form Link.

After youíve clicked to submit your feedback to us, youíll be shown ad exchange offers of SendFree members. If interested check off your interest and proceed, if not, then just click to move ahead.

Thatís all there is too it. Simple yet effective!

Finally, hereís my last quick point, you donít even need a web site to become part of the new SendFree Ad Exchange. We can include for you in your SendFree autoresponder message a link to a pre-made ďTell-a-FriendĒ page. And of course weíve made this ďTell-a-FriendĒ page part of the co-registration network.

To test it out yourself, just request the autoresponder Ė 4keystoemailmarket@sendfree.com . Youíll receive back the free report: 4 Keys to Email Marketing . You'll note at the bottom of this email report a ďTell-a-FriendĒ link. Just recommend the free report to a friend and youíll be shown the ad exchange offers of SendFree members.

Oops I almost forgot, if youíd like to set-up a SendFree account yourself and join the network. Hereís the siteís URL Ė http://www.sendfree.com.

Abbie Drew
DEMC Editor

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