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Abbie's Column : Starting a Business

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Biggest Mistake of Affiliate Marketers

By Abbie Drew
Feb 20, 2014

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Affiliate marketers work hard to succeed online. However, new
affiliates can make mistakes when establishing themselves.

After reading an email update from a top Internet marketer,
and his shocking revelation about being an affiliate marketer
I wanted to share some of the pitfalls affiliates can make.

Before we get to the big mistake, let's review three examples
of affiliate marketers highlighting their failures and successes.

First Affiliate Marketer

The first affiliate marketer came across a promotion to make
thousands weekly.

He quickly signed up and paid to be in the program. He was
given a ready made affiliate web site to promote.

The first affiliate marketer was not exactly sure how to promote
the site. Buying ads on the search engines and social networks
seemed to expensive. He noticed in his email box a message
offering up email lists that he could buy and promote to.

Perfect, the first affiliate marketer said to himself as he bought
the lists - thinking what a great deal he was getting.

The first affiliate marketer got the email lists and started emailing
out his affiliate web site to the addresses on the list from his
Yahoo! account.

Within 24 hours the first affiliate marketer's business was taken
away as a results of his actions. His Yahoo! account had been
closed. His affiliate business had been terminated for sending
spam. He'd lost all he'd invested.

Second Affiliate Marketer

The second affiliate marketer before signing up for a program first
researched and reviewed a variety of affiliate programs. He found
two he thought he would do well for him. He signed up and bought
into the programs.

The second affiliate marketer reviewed how to promote his
business. Within a few days he began investing in advertising
his affiliate web sites. He purchased pay per click ads, he
bought ezine ads and he acquired leads from the affiliate
program that he could follow-up with.

The second affiliate marketer was making sales and seeing income
from his efforts but the money coming in was not covering
his expenditures.

After working for several months the second affiliate marketer's
business collapsed. He had run out of money to invest and
was now in debt.

Third Affiliate Marketer

The third affiliate marketer had researched Internet business
and determined his best approach would be to build a business
around his interest of fishing.

He investigated lots of businesses, services and web sites
related to fishing. He decided to start up a site selling paid
memberships that reviewed fishing equipment.

He built his own web site with wordpress and invested in
software plugins for wordpress to run the site. He set-up an
email list and gave away a report he wrote on the best fishing
gear for all who signed-up.

The third affiliate marketer set-up a blog which he updated
regularly with news about fishing. He notified his email list
of the updates. He also established a social media presences
sharing fishing info.

He then located affiliate products he could sell related to
fishing. Additionally he promoted his own web site's paid
membership with in-depth reviews on fishing equipment.

The third affiliate marketer went fishing and made videos
documenting the use of equipment he reviewed. He posted
the videos to YouTube, social media and his blog.

The third affiliate marketer was having a great time with his
business as he loved to fish. What's more he was making money!
Visitors to his site signed up for his email list, social media
followers signed up for his list too and many purchased paid
memberships to his site!

He made additional income from commissions on the affiliate
products he promoted. Fishing equipment providers even started
contacting the third affiliate marketer asking him to review
their new items!

The third affiliate marketer had started an Internet business
and succeeded!


Top Internet Marketer's Revelation

The top Internet marketer, I mentioned earlier also highlighted
the main mistake of affiliate marketers. He was discussing how
he has thousands of affiliates sending him leads. And that his
affiliates are spending their time and money to generate traffic
for him.

Yes, he noted how he works to make sales for these affiliates
- but the reality is these affiliate are building his business!

In fact this marketer in the same post was commenting how
he wouldn't be an affiliate for someone else.

Top Internet marketers know to succeed in business you
need to build your own business - not someone else's!

Certainly, you can promote affiliate programs but they should
become secondary as you build your own business. If you want
to succeed online you need to establish and promote your own
business first!

Only then will your business remain standing!

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