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5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know About Google Penguin

By Zara
Mar 8, 2013

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Your web site is one of the best source of new email
subscribers for your list.

Every page of your web site should have a sign-up form
for joining your list. Every customer who purchases from
you should have the option of joining your list. Even your
contact form should offer a check box to join your list.

To build your email list you know getting more traffic to
your web site is a top priority. Search engines are a great
source of traffic. Therefore, the time you invest in improving
your search engine ranking is well worth it.

In particular, getting a top page ranking in Google is key.

According to comScore, Google is the most used search
engine in the world. It also has 67% of the US market share.

Understanding the Google Penguin update can help you
improve your site's position in Google. With better
ranking comes more email sign-ups.

Today's advice on Google Penguin is from guest contributor
Zara a SEO professional.

The Penguin algorithm is designed to catch people who spam
Google's search results and violate the guidelines provided
by the Google Webmaster. The Penguin update emphasizes
imposing penalties on websites that create spam.

Here's How to Improve Your Google Rankings:

1. Avoid Link Schemes

Google is working to provide their users with the information
they are looking for and they strictly discourage the
marketing of your products as content.

If products on your site have too many backlinks that use
anchor text with the exact same name, it will be considered
a negative.

Avoid buying links and using linking networks to improve
your site's ranking. Very sparingly use the matching of
anchor text on other sites to link to your products.

2. Find High Quality Sites for Links

When guest posting to other sites, choose popular sites that
are relevant to yours. Steer clear of sites with low quality
content whose emphasis looks to be on creating links instead
of valuable information.

For example online directory links are now considered
worthless and could be harmful. Be cautious with your linking
strategy and contribute to other sites wisely.

3. Do Not Keyword Stuff

If your site has keywords that are inserted too many times to
improve the page rankings, then it is considered a form of
spam. Use synonyms for keywords in case you have to repeat
them frequently. Never increase keyword concentration to
more than 2-3% of the total content.

4. Create Original Content

If your content is copied from other sources of the internet
and used with only minor differences, it is said to be spun.
Content Spinning is treated as plagiarism and is highly
intolerable for the search engines.

Additionally, be careful to avoid having numerous pages on
your site that contain predominately identical content. It could
be viewed as deliberate duplication in order to improve your
search engine rank.

Post original, new content to your site on a regular basis for
best search engine ranking.

5. Avoid Deception

Don't cloak your site's content using technology like Flash or
JavaScript. Cloaking shows different content to human vs.
search engines and it violates Google's terms. Ensure your
content is the same and visible to both.

Further avoid any incoming links from untrustworthy sites
known to spread malware or viruses. A link from a deceptive
site affects your site too.


Build back links from reputable sources like websites
belonging to educational institutions, news agencies, etc.
Always maintain unique and authentic content and keep
away from all black-hat SEO techniques. If needed, hire a
SEO company to improve your sites page-rank for you.

Author bio:
Hi, I am Zara from Manchester. I am an SEO professional
and I am passionate about writing on SEO. I also write on
financial topics related to missold ppi , investment avenues
and loans and so on.

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