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Abbie's Column : Email Marketing

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Mobile Email is Not the Future - It's Now!

By Abbie Drew
Nov 23, 2012

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Mobile email took the lead earlier this year as the top client
used for reading email. Now over 40% of emails are being
opened on mobile devices!

The world has gone mobile and as a result so has email. Yes,
webmail and desktop email usage are very important as they
each account for about 30 -35% of email opens, but the
mobile email trend is rising and rising fast.

Just consider some of these statistics:

* Neilson reports, 55.5% of mobile subscribers in the U.S.
now own smartphones.

* Google's 2012 research data shows Australia, U.K.,
Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia and UAE each have more
than 50% of their population on smartphones. While New
Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and
Switzerland - now have greater than 40% smartphone

* Ericsson calculates that there are 1.1 billion mobile
broadband subscriptions worldwide, growing at 60 percent
year-on-year. At that rate Ericsson predicts there will be 5
billion mobile broadband subscriptions in 2017.

* The National Retail Federation's(NRF) reports mobile
shopping will be a big part of consumers' shopping
experience this year. More than half (52.9%) of those who
own smartphones and nearly two-thirds (64.1%) of those who
own tablets plan to use their devices to research and purchase
holiday gifts, decor, food items, and more.

The growing mobile marketplace has resulted in more and
more of your email subscribers reading your email messages
on their mobile device.

The good news is that 73% of those who have mobile devices
check their email on it at least daily.

Jakob Nielsen recently conducted a new study on mobile
email newsletter usability. His study found -

Mobile email has strengthened the benefits of email marketing.

93% of those Jakob Nielsen surveyed said they would read
the email newsletter they receive on either a mobile device or
a desktop computer. And in some cases in both places.

When these individuals read a newsletter simply depends
upon where they are at the time.

These survey respondents also noted why they like email
newsletters despite their overcrowded inboxes.

Email newsletters:

* Provide valuable information.

* Are easily accessible as the email comes to them.

* Keep them up to date on the latest news.

* Remind them of things to do.

* Contain resources to share socially.

The respondents also provided another positive comment
about mobile email - its there when they want it. Participants
stated that a benefit of mobile email is its availability
whenever free time occurs - such as during a commute or
waiting in line.

If the above information hasn't convinced you that your
emails have to become mobile friendly, here's one more
interesting report.

A recent Marketing Sherpa case study reviewed how a
website increased it's email click-through rates 53% just by
creating a mobile version of their email newsletter.

Here's How to Design Your Emails for Mobile

Your email design should immediately do the following:

1) Switch to a single-column layout that is 640 pixel width.

Why 640? Apple is the dominant mobile email reader. The
iPhone scales emails to 320 pixels wide which is 50% of 640.
Your 640 pixel email looks neat when reduced 50%. Android
devices will display your emails at the 640 pixel size.

2) Links and buttons should have a 44 x 44 pixel click-able area.

Mobile devices have touch screens and tiny links close
together are impossible for fingers! Create large buttons
with lots of space around them.

3) 14-pt for body text and 30-pt for headlines.

Large font sizes make your message easier to read. Go for a
children's book approach with your email. Short, easy to read
sentences. Concise writing with interesting small images.

4) Top Left Call to Action

Place the most important call to action in the top left part of
your email. This section of the message is what a subscriber
will see first, so use it to your advantage.

Next Move to Responsive Email Design

The above design changes are just a start to improve your
emails for mobile readership. The next step you need to take
is to create a HTML email template that uses "Responsive
Email Design."

"Responsive Email Design" will allow your email message to
correctly fit the screen size of your mobile email user. No
matter what mobile device or even what desktop email client
your subscriber uses to read your message, your email will
always look good with "Responsive Email Design."

Responsive email design uses HTML coding to adapt your
message to the screen size being used.

* You can learn how to code your own HTML email template with
responsive email design using one of these listed tutorials:

35 Responsive Web Design and Development Tutorials

Responsive email design presentation from STYLECampaign

* You can buy email templates, already programmed with
Responsive Email Design code. Here's an example of an
email template package you could purchase.


* You can use the free tool of Campaign Monitor that
builds in the "Responsive Email Design" code and creates
an email template for your newsletter.

Template Builder

Finally, have a mobile-ready websites or landing pages!

Don't forget your web site!

When your email is effective it will drive your subscribers
over to your web site. Don't loose the interested prospect by
having a clunky landing page that's not mobile optimized!


With the rise in smartphone and tablet usage by email
recipients it's essential you prepare your email campaigns to
display well in all mobile inboxes.

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