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Abbie's Column : Laws and Regulations

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Feedback to: Is this the end for biz opps?

By Abbie Drew
Feb 15, 2007

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Original Article:
Is this the end for biz opps?
If the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Business Opportunity Rule from 2006 stands it could be the end for a lot of business opportunities.

Reader Feedback:

Abbe - I'm the de facto leader of a group of businesses that has hired a D.C. law firm to represent our interests as the FTC works on the Biz-Opp rule. If you or any of your readers are interested in joining this group, let me know.

Shawn Casey


Hi Abbie,

What you said was true of the original SB1, section 220. However, a senator from Utah, Bennett I believe, introduced an amendment to remove section 220. The Democrats at first balked and tied up the bill until the Republicans also tried to add language that would limit the amount of pork that could be added to any bill. At this point the bill was quickly released to go forward. The amendment to strike section 220 passed, although not with the margin I would have liked to see. With section 220 removed the bill passed with an overwhelming majority. Most of the bill was about dishonesty within congress but section 220 was trying to lump all grassroot organizations under the Lobby rules, reporting, money accounting, etc. With it gone (I hope it is still gone. Haven't heard any different from my sources who are keeping a close eye on it.) there will be no such limitations. If you find t hat I am mistaken and it somehow got added back in, please let me know.

Ken Fairchild


Abbie; I have been a subscriber to DEMC for a number of years. Thanks for giving us a heads up on this. I will definetly contact my senator.

James Gardner


Thank you very much for the info you send. I hope to hear more about what happens.
- Mark Garcia


The last issue was FANTASTIC as usual. We asked Congress to represent us and yet they don't want to hear from the people they are representing? HOGWASH!

-Larry Clark


I've looked thru Senate Bill S1 and can't find the grassroots lobbying problem you mentioned. do you have a Section number? Thanks!

Kent Butler


Thank you for this info. Seems as if our congressmen do not want to represent us. They just want to dictate and collect their undeserved saloaries and perks.

- Jim Shelley


The latest that I heard about Senate Bill 1 was that the Republicans voted it down. I also heard that most of the Democrats voted for it. But it did get defeated.

-Marjorie Oberlander


What! You didn't know this already. That the Democrats want to run the show their way and not have any questions or guff from the sidelines. Most people do not want to SEE the truth coming out of the mouths of these lies that the politicians want them to hear. But I can see it oh so clearly. I just do not see how it can make America a better place. Perhaps they(politicians) do not want this to be a better America or want to represent any person but themselves.

About the Internet Marketing Bussinesses, I see them (congress) trying to put the small business out of bussiness because most of the population has gone that way and they (democrats, politicians) do not want freedom troublemakers. They want drone ant workers to keep under their thumbs and be nice (leftover) eaters. (just something a rich-o-crat in my home town said once). Can't stand the women or her crusband. Think they are better than every other human being.

- Jo


The concerns that you mentioned in your email about the Senate bill restricting criticism, and the proposed FTC rule are prime examples of why we have to get the Democrats out of office. They simply do not believe in the America we believe in.

Dwight Larkins


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