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The 18 Core Beliefs Of Highly Successful People

By Dr David Turner
Aug 2, 2006

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Neurolinguistic programming utilises a concept known
as modelling of beliefs, patterns of behaviour and
strategies of successful people in any area. This
article gives you the core beliefs you need to adopt
in order to become financially independent.

A belief is simply a feeling of certainty of something
being true. It has been ascertained by NLP practitioners
that the extraordinarily wealthy and the financially
independent adopt the following beliefs BEFORE they met
their goals.

Just suppose you believe the following list of 18 core
beliefs adopted by highly successful people, before
they have achieved their goals (and after) and you too
may find that money flows to you effortlessly and fast!

1. I believe that I am responsible for my financial destiny.

2. I believe I am destined to become financially independent
and rich in my lifetime.

3. I believe I am capable of having, being or doing anything
I put my mind to.

4. I believe I am a magnet for cashflow and investment

5. I believe that as I learn more about money, finance and
how to invest wisely, my earning power and ability to earn
more increases.

6. I believe that when one knows how, making money and
investing is easy.

7. I believe once the savings habit has been bedded in, it
becomes easy,

8. I believe that for things to get better, I must get

9. I believe that failure is a part of success.

10. I believe in the neccessity of having mentors, coaches,
role models and a mastermind group, all to help me to get
to my success, I don't have to do it all myself.

11. I believe that happiness comes from inside me, but money
does help.

12. I believe most people on earth are honest.

13. I believe money can help me to gain courage, confidence,
adventure, fun and exciting times.

14. I believe that money will make me a far greater
contributor in the world and to the world.

15. I believe that money is for the highest good of all.

16. I believe that the stock market is risky only to those
who don't know its workings.

17. I believe that becoming financially independent is easy
with time, a winning attitude (80%) and a sound strategy.

18. I believe in having clearly defined outcomes (goals)
and that they work best if backed up with a deadline.

Have you found that by reading these beliefs, you are
already feeling a greater sense of security, confidence
and abundance?

Revisit this article often and even write out these 18 beliefs daily in the first person, present tense as affirmations.

There's nothing you cannot be, do or have.

Dr David Turner, author of this article lives in England
with his wife and 2 beautiful girls. He loves to
trade forex and created an affordable training course
at http://www.fasttrackforex.com Please visit this site.

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