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Three Unusual Letters That Sell Like Crazy

By Kevin Nunley
Jul 19, 2006

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Are you constantly trying to improve sales and get more results from your marketing? Here are three unusual letters that always get great results.

These letters aren't new. They've been around for years, and have been proven effective time and time again. Yet, strangely, you rarely see them. Have good marketers simply forgotten these jewels of good promotion? I'll bet the farm they have!

Now YOU can take advantage of those lost gems. Use them right now to rekindle sales with past customers and generate buys from new prospects.

Letter 1: Send your customer an old fashioned hand-written letter. That's right, send them a short note you wrote with a real pen, just like the letters your grandmother used to send you.

When was the last time you got a hand-written note from a
business? I'll bet NEVER! Imagine getting a hand-written note from your doctor: "Betty, it was good to see you again. Be sure to get the exercise we talked about. I think that's key to your fast recovery."

If you have beautiful handwriting, that's terrific. Don't miss this opportunity. If your handwriting is legible, that's ok, too. If your handwriting is awful (like mine), get someone else to hand write your letters, or at the very least, type your letter and sign it by hand with a hand printed P.S. at the end.

Letter 2: Send your list of prospects a letter from the company president. This method works like gangbusters. Announce your new product, service, price decrease, line of innovations, or holiday sale "from the desk of the president."

Your letter should start with a headline: Smith Company President Joe Jones Announces Exciting NEW Savings All Over The Store!

"Dear Customer, I'm Joe Jones, President of Smith Company. Today I'm writing you to announce the vast savings YOU get when you purchase any one of hundreds of items in our store."

Getting a letter from the president of the company has a certain excitement, importance, and authority to it. Your letter will stand out from all the other letters your prospect or customer receives.

You are a small one person company? Appoint yourself president.

Letter 3: Write a letter with lots and lots of YOU's in it.
People just LOVE to read about themselves. Your letter can have so many YOU's in it your high school English teacher would throw a fit -- and your reader won't notice.

Your letter might start like this:

Your first thought when you wake up tomorrow morning is, "I've got way too many things to do today." Instantly, you will feel tired, discouraged, and overwhelmed. I don't want you to go through your day like this. I can help you relax, get more done, and achieve better results. You will have the success you deserve and live the enjoyable life you have always dreamed of.

That paragraph had nine you's or forms of you. Don't worry about overusing the word you; it's the most powerful word in marketing.

Kevin Nunley has written thousands of money-making sales letters for businesses of every kind. Get his affordable copywriting deals now at http://DrNunley.com
Reach him at kevin@drnunley.com.

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