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Interview with Richard Quek a Super Network Marketer

By Cort McCadden
Jul 5, 2006

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Cort: With me today is Richard Quek who has been involved with Internet Marketing for 10 years and today has chosen the niche of Network Marketing, which my own involvement goes back over 30 years.

Richard, I would like to know what you did before your Net involvement? When was this? What got you interested in the Net?

Richard: I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and had my own accounting practice. I operated the accounting firm for 20 years and left it about 6 years ago. I had written more than 10 books that are in paperback copies and ebook version. I am now giving seminars on Internet marketing, Network marketing and motivation.

My involvement in Internet Marketing started about 10 years ago when I was involved with a Network Marketing program that provided hosting and web site building education. It was an Internet based program. The program lasted about 2 years but that was what sparked my interest in Internet Marketing. I then used my knowledge to market my books and other programs.

Cort: Did you see the value of Email Marketing almost immediately after it appeared? What made you get involved with Email Marketing?

Richard: I did not see the value of Email Marketing when I first started. As I progressed and started building my own opt-it-list; and learning from other successful Internet marketers, I realized the importance of Email Marketing. I started using autoresponders and bulk mailing software.

Cort: Bet you don't use that software anymore! Richard, what are you doing to avoid the ever present spam filters from putting your email in spam folders? Are you considering using PDF files to send your ezine like I have started to do?

Richard: In order to avoid having my emails in spam folders, I even tried using desktop applications to communicate with my members. However, I found that most people are not willing to download and install the software and many are not familiar with using it. I now have web based Newletters that I need to upload when I publish them.

However, I still do send an email reminder to my subscribers to inform them of the latest issue. I believe that at the moment Email Marketing is still indispensable. I do use Spam checking software to minimize the risk of having my emails being blocked or sent to Spam folders. Here is a free service you could use:

I have not used PDF files to send my newsletters. I believe that it is a great alternative.

Cort: Thanks for that freebie! What are your feelings about Plain vs. HTML Email Marketing? What about the Audio and Visual Email?

Richard: I still use plain text to send my emails. I think that it is easier to compose and the file is much smaller. I do use audio and video on my web sites, but have not started using them with my emails. I believe that with the bandwidth problems that many Internet users are facing at the moment, it is better to send plain text.

Cort: What have been your biggest successes in your business and why? Failures? What would you do differently if you could do things over?

Richard: I think that my biggest success and most exciting project was when I did a joint venture with more that 50 top Internet marketers to author my book, ‘ZOOM To Super Success’. Among them are Michael Green, Joe Vitale, Mike Filsaime, Rosalind Gardner, Jeremy Gislason, and Mark Hendericks. Here is the web site:

Most of these Internet marketers are now my good friends and Joint Venture partners.

I think that the most discouraging moment is when my web sites have been shut down due to Spam complaints. Believe me… it has happened to me a few times. This is a very serious problem as anyone can make a Spam complaint easily and most hosting companies will shut you down without any notice. Although after my explanation to the hosting company, they will reinstate my web site; however, it will normally take a few days before that happens and you are basically out of business!

If I could start all over again, I think that I could short cut my learning period if I found a good mentor and just followed what he does, rather than learning from many sources. Attending seminars is great. Hey, I am from Malaysia and when I first started there were no such Internet marketing seminars.

Cort: AWESOME advice, Richard! What would be your advice to Internet newbies concerning Email Marketing?

Richard: As an Internet newbie you should learn how to write effective headlines and ad copy. There is no point emailing to thousands of people who do not read your emails or click on your links.

You should start building your own opt-in-list. You need to send your emails to someone! However, if you do not have your own list at the moment here are a few thing you can do:

1. Do a joint venture with others, who have their own list,
2. Rent a list.
3. Purchase your own list. If you intend to do this make sure that the list provider is reliable.

Also please stay away from SPAM….Spam does not pay at all!

Cort: Follow what this SUPER marketer has to say as he definitely has run with the Big Gurus! Now I know that you have a special offer for the readers especially those that are involved with Network Marketing.

Richard: Yes, I have recently written an ebook, ‘7 Secrets To MLM Success’ which you can download at zero cost. Please go here to get it:

For those who are interested in ‘ZOOM To Super Success’, I have a special offer for you. I am marketing the ebook on my web site at $67.00.

I am giving you an instant rebate of $30.00 if you order from this link:

Cort: Thanks, Richard! I read that ebook myself and even as a 30 year veteran in the field found some information that was very helpful as a Network Marketer.

Cort McCadden also known by his real name Hugh Simpson is a former consumer investigative reporter for Post Newsweek TV and the co-founder of the website http://www.moneywiselife.com and the new blog http://moneywiselife.blogspot.com where he shares up to date consumer awareness tips for especially seniors since he has reached 60 this year. He is also an emergency preparedness consultant and he encourages you to download the FR** Emergency Preparedness Guide at http://www.usprepared.com offering tips for preparedness on both man made and natural disasters.

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