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Most Important SEO Tools Of The Trade

By Anton Cheranev
May 25, 2006

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Before you start optimizing your site for search engines,
there are some tools that you should arm yourself with.
These tools can become your best friends when it
comes to SEO, especially when you’re just starting out.

The first and most important step in any search engine
position campaign is recognizing which keywords you
should optimize your site for, and there are several pieces
of software that are useful for this, including Wordtracker,
Optilink, Arelis, and SEO Detective.

1) WordTracker's keyword research service is the only
one on the Internet that provides a comprehensive
database of the most popular keywords in a particular
industry. It can help you recognize associated keywords
that you may have never thought of. One of the
differences between WordTracker and other tools is that
it can spot subtle differences, for example singular and
plural keywords, or often-misspelled ones, and tell you
which versions are more popular.

2) Optilink has become very popular in a short period of time
because of the power it gives you over search engines.
Every site that links to you boosts your ranking, especially
if its content is relevant to yours. Optilink helps you to come up with strategies to improve your link structure and get a better ranking. Here are some of the things it does:

a. Analyzes the link structures of your top-ranking

b. Tells you why your competitors rank well, so you can
try to copy what they’re doing.

c. Tells you what kind of rankings you can expect if you
adopt similar linking strategies.

d. Helps to monitor sites you’ve exchanged links with, to
ensure that they’re still linking to you.

3) Arelis has an excellent way of increasing the link popularity of your site -- by exchanging with other sites that are related to yours, giving you a head start on your SEO. Arelis does the work for you, identifying sites that it thinks you should try to exchange links with. If you look for the sites yourself you’ll often find it’s not worth the time, but an SEO tool like Arelis lets you do it instantly. Once you’ve got links, you can manage and maintain them automatically.

4) SEO Detective helps you to check your sites
rankings – this is good to see how your SEO efforts are
working. Many people just optimize and submit, thinking the
work is done, but they’re wrong. You need to continuously
check your site's rankings, and SEO Detective is a
reliable and quick tool for doing this.

The only real problem you might have with any of this software is that search engines can change the way they
display their results, breaking the tools until their authors update them. This means that most position reporting software gets outdated very quickly. It’s not that much of an issue, though, as most software is provided on a subscription basis with updates included, rather than bought only once.

If you really want to stay ahead in the SEO industry, you
should try as many different tools as you can. By paying
attention to what tools others are using and learning how
they work, you will have the edge in the SEO market. So
get out there, and download these SEO tools of the trade!

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