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Blending Keywords Into Your Web Copy

By Kevin Nunley
May 10, 2006

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Get listed high on major search engines and you can expect LOTS of highly targeted visitors to your site. Millions of people use search engines every second of every day, so getting listed visibly is about like getting no-cost advertising on a major TV network.

In other words, you're getting very expensive advertising for free. If you're a small or home-based business, search engine advertising is a must. Here are some simple ways to get your site listed and listed high.

Search engines have been refined over the years to locate pages with lots of information about whatever keyword the user is searching for.

Forget all the tricks and gimmicks used to get sites noticed by search engine computers. You can get listed high simply by giving search engines what they really want -- a page that gives good information on a particular keyword.

You can put important keywords in your title and meta tag,
but it won't do any good with search engines unless those
same words are also in your copy.

That bit of wisdom is no secret. You've seen plenty of sites
where flooding the page with keywords was top-of-mind for the site's designer. There's just one potential problem. The page might look great to a search engine, but the copy is hard to read and sounds unnatural to humans (who will hopefully be the ones to buy).

It is important to get your search words and search phrases
to blend naturally and logically with your copy. You will do better to concentrate on five or six keywords per page, rather than trying to work in 20.

If salami, grapes, and wholesale are your keywords, write,
"We have searched all of Italy for spicy salami and fat juicy grapes. No one offers these at such low wholesale prices."

Experts now say you will have better luck with two and three word phrases. People search with multi-word phrases, yet most sites don't list them.

No matter how high you get listed on search engines, you won't be able to convert those millions of visitors to buyers unless your copy makes sense.

I've seen a few sites where the owner threw keywords in willy nilly. It might work for a not-so-smart search engine robot, but it makes the copy confusing and unconvincing.

Lately we're seeing a lot of web site copy written by copywriting teams in India and elsewhere. Rooms full of writers, some even using software that inserts generic keyword rich paragraphs into copy.

The problem is the copy is often poor, full of typos, and the grammar is all over the map. This means YOU can stand out by having GOOD, well-written web site copy. Now, more than ever, good copy not only improves your search engine ranking, it impresses visitors and boosts your sales.

Kevin Nunley has written copy for thousands of the Net's best web sites. See his affordable copywriting deals at
http://drnunley.com. Reach Kevin at kevin@drnunley.com.

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