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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring DEMC E-Magazine. In the next few minutes you will learn about DEMC and why many people believe e-magazine sponsorship advertising is effective.

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About Your Ad In DEMC

DEMC provides you access to a captive audience of 55,000 readers. Your ad can be one of the first items readers see when viewing the E-Magazine. And the web site and/or email address you list in your ad is turned into a link. This feature allows readers immediate access to your contact information.

DEMC is one of the longest running e-magazines on the Internet. Our publication is focused on email marketing for small businesses and home based businesses. We have hundreds of new opt-in readers every month.

The Subscribers Of DEMC

The subscribers of DEMC are almost exclusively people involved in commerce. Many readers are business owners (quite a number of whom do business on-line), entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers, and business professionals.

Surveys of DEMC E-Magazine subscribers show the majority of our readers to be owners of business with 10 employees or less.

Current Circulation: 55,000 (June 2017)

A typical month sees over 50 new opt-in subscribers.

Lastly, the circulation list of DEMC's readers is never sold. We maintain complete control over this list for the benefit of our advertisers and readers.

The Benefits of Ezine/E-magazine Sponsorship Advertising

Email advertising is the original push advertising. Your ad reaches thousands of targeted readers and it gets read.

Unlike banner advertising, there is no need to passively hope someone goes out and finds your message on the web. Your ad is delivered directly to the prospect. You also have more room to describe your product or services with email advertising than in a banner.

Your ad is placed in a publication that subscribers are expecting and read with great interest. And the ability to target your audience is greatly enhanced by choosing the e-magazine you sponsor, so your response rates tend to be higher.

E-magazine sponsorship appears to us to be more and more utilized as an internet marketing vehicle. Why? When sponsoring an e-magazine you are able to get your message directly into the hands of a large targeted audience at a very reasonable cost.

But don't just take our word for it. Here is what others are saying about e-mail and e-zine/e-magazine marketing.

"Ezines are perhaps the most powerful and cost effective way to attract qualified prospects on the net." - JDD Publishing, "Insider Internet Marketing", pp.30.

"Email is the best: it's direct. Email is the best: everyone has it.Email is the best: it's very personal." - Keith Pieper, ClickZ

"Email is an incredible lead generation tool" - Crains Magazine

And here is what is being said about DEMC.

"This is currently one of the biggest business related ezines on the net . . . A very professional ezine with excellent classified sections." -JDD Publishing, "Insider Internet Marketing", pp.41.

"Buy a classified ad in DEMC E-Magazine. It's a simple email newsletter that goes to eager beaver subscribers. In the copy I get each week, the ads all have live clickable links to email addresses and website URLs. DEMC pulls like crazy. There's nothing like it." - Dr. Kevin Nunley's "Tips, Strategies, Tricks, and Know-How to MAKE YOU MONEY!"

"I love running ads with you and usually profit from them." -Jerome Chapman, TopEzineAds.com

For even more testimonial click here.

Sponsorship Availability

DEMC E-Magazine is published every week on Saturdays. We limit the number of ads in each issue to only one top sponsor ad. They are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

We have priced our ad space so it's affordable to our target market - the home/small business person. Therefore, DEMC presently has about a 2-4 week lead time, from when your ad order is placed until your ad actually runs in DEMC E-Magazine.

In addition, only a limited number of "Solo" ads runs each week to DEMC E-Magazine subscribers. Availability is limited. These spaces will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sponsorship Opportunities

1) "Top Sponsor Ad" 5 lines, 65 characters per line.

The cost is $25. Your sponsor ad is placed towards the top of the DEMC newsletter issue which goes to our 55,000 readers. Only one top sposor ad runs in each issue.

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2) "Solo Ad" Up to 25 lines, 65 characters per line.

The cost is $40. Your ad is emailed alone to our 55,000 DEMC readers. This singles out your message and it is guaranteed to be seen by subscribers.

Click Here to order a "Solo Ad" from our secure online server.

How To Sponsor DEMC

Ordering an ad with DEMC is easy, just click on the appropriate links above. If you have any questions please be sure to check our "Frequently Asked Questions" or reach us by email.

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